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Length or Frequency (POLL) · 5:18am September 14th

Forgive me, I'm working on descriptive titles that grab readers... :rainbowwild: While I incidentally want to announce chapter 37 in The Runaway Bodyguard, I need to know what readers expect from novels serialized on FimFiction. When I started publishing here 6 years ago, I was advised to keep it short, that readers want a quick fix and to move on. A chapter of more than 2,000 words is TL;DR. Readers want compelling tales and characters they're invested in that they can reliably return to over many many months.

When I write, I naturally write chapters of all sizes, but 4K to 7K is average. Part Three of TRB actually ended up being written as four hunks each of about 14K. I'm chopping them up where there are interruptions in the action that would drive you to turn the page in a book. However, if you read my previous blog entry, you may be aware that I have completed the full draft of the novel!

I am no Charles Dickens. Chapter serialization direct to publication makes me really nervous that I might get stuck. I blocked twice on this story despite knowing the ending—and I will blog about that—but that's history at this point. Keeping in mind that I have to take the final 40,000 words from 1st to 2nd draft, there are 97,000 words left to dole out. (With constantly building suspense, too.)

My question is, what do you (my dear reader) want? Longer chapters published when ready and less often (my pre-reader/editor is not an alicorn), or shorter chapters published frequently (weekly, occasionally bi-weekly)?

Leave a comment with whether you prefer Length or Frequency. :facehoof:

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I prefer length. When I read longer chapters, it lets me soak into the storyline better.

I find in my own experience that chapters of 4K-5k are ideal. With that in mind, I’d say frequency.

I will take that into consideration. Any opinions?

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