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Was Talking With My Friend Earlier Today · 1:13am September 14th

The day of writing this blog post at least.

So, I was talking to my ‘friend’ (he’s a devout Christian and doesn’t really support me, but I’m stuck with him anyways) earlier today.

While talking, he brought up that he pretended to be a girl on Omegle text-only to waste the creepy guys’ time. I would like to clarify that my ‘friend’ is absolutely cis, I can’t really use this thing as evidence against him, because if I was cis, I’d be doing the same thing. It seems like a pretty normal thing to do.

He then brought up a streamer who pretended to be a girl on Omegle to fool people. He mentioned that this person was no amateur to this, because the streamer has had multiple donation incentives to ‘become girl in streams’ and is currently on month 5.

My ‘friend’ framed this all as an elaborate joke.

Now, I’m sure a couple of you reading this have already put the pieces together. This streamer isn’t exactly a small-time streamer, it’s F1NN5TER.

So, the name ringing a bell, but me not exactly knowing who he was, I decided to look him up, mainly because I know my ‘friend’ is very Christian and probably didn’t understand it all.

I mainly looked F1NN5TER up because there’s a big difference between doing it as a mean-spirited ‘joke’ and doing it because you respect everyone who does things like that and want to voice your support.

So, I learned that F1NN5TER actually enjoys crossdressing (thanks to a Know Your Meme interview I dug up), and does this stuff because of that instead of an elaborate joke (it’s sort of a ‘let’s joke about this so I can do it’ thing it seems).

Now aside from this being absolutely hysterical because A; my ‘friend’ doesn’t seem to know that F1NN5TER does this because of how he framed it, B; F1NN5TER has a sizable trans/crossdresser fanbase because of it, and C; because my ‘friend’ is Christian and his reaction to this stuff would be priceless, I came back to an idea I’ve had for a long time.

Crossdressers are really fucking cool.

I know that one guy yelled at me on Not Who I Thought I’d Be because I was marginalizing crossdressers or some BS like that, but I’ve thought that crossdressers were really cool for a while now; including when I wrote that story.

To me, there’s nothing cooler than wearing clothes you want to wear because you like them. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothes meant for the opposite sex (though gendered clothing is stupid anyways), you wear those clothes and you rock them.

I wish I could have half the confidence crossdressers have in their day-to-day life. I’m too nervous to buy a skirt in public, while these guys are out here wearing skirts in public, and on streams with thousands of viewers.

It’s a thought I’ve had for a long time, and I respect the hell out of these guys, and think they’re really fucking awesome.

So yeah, if you don’t mind a lot (I mean a lot) of risqué humor, I do recommend watching F1NN5TER.

And until next time; be awesome!

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