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    On The Pandemic

    Masks are sort-of, kind-of protective against Covid-19. The vaccine is, well, talk to a medical doctor before ye get it to make sure you are able to as it's not for everyone.

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    Would You Rather Have

    A cute blue space elf waifu (she loves you, but doesn't quite know how human sexuality works)

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    To My Step"father"

    My sympathies.

    I'm sorry you felt so bad about yourself you had to take it out on a helpless child that couldn't fight back.

    You're pathetic and I pity you.

    Even so God loves you.

    So I will try to.

    God, take away this anger and pain.

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    Twilight Sparkle Was A Pony Queen

    of her the bards do sadly sing,
    the last whose realm was fair and free
    between the mountains and the sea...

    But long ago she rode away
    and where she is none can say
    for into darkness fell her star
    in the land of the Changelings where the shadows are.

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...What anime is this from? · 1:57am September 12th

Someone, somewhere out there, must be able to explain this scene.

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A Certain Scientific Railgun

A Certain Magical Index / A Certain Scientific Railgun.


Great. Now I can figure out why this character thinks checking her friend's underwear wearing status is part of friendship. Twilight never learned THAT friendship lesson.:twilightoops:

Because she never wore underwear?

It’s a running gag where the one friend flips the skirt of the other up to be silly with her.

shit man, could be from every anime ever, I mean when has there not been an anime that doesn't at least once take the time to somehow/someway put emphasis on the female undergarments?

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