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King negro(Spanish word for black so not racist) lord of the watermelon, duke of the chicken realm, high almoner of the grape cool aid of the Nile, has no tolerance for white people.

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Soon · 11:54pm September 10th

Comments ( 11 )

Holy horse shit, your alive...

Alive and shitposting. Until I get banned or get bored.

Why are you still doing this kind of thing? You do realize it obviously upsets people. Just saying.

Because it amuses me greatly.


:ajbemused: Rrrrrrriiiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhttttttt.

Anyways, on to a different topic. You didn't actually answered my question on your first and most infamous story ( The Scent: Lust for Mares ).


Turns out sending sick people to nursing homes full of vulnerable people who have weak immune systems during a pandemic, inadvertently makes someone a bigger murderer than a couple Muslims with planes. This shit was left out of the news cycle for political reasons.

Don't even start this crap again. =_=

How many times must you get it through your thin skull? 9/11 is not something to laugh at. Almost 3,000 people died on that day. -_-

So no more already. JUST NO MORE.

Even me. I don't like people making jokes about 9/11. -_-

You could unfollow. Just ignore it if you really dislike it so much

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