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My Little Pony Movie News 09/08/2021 · 2:11pm Sep 8th, 2021

Now this is a story and it's not even tragic where we rediscovered that Friendship is Magic,
And I want to make sure there's nothing I've skipped, I'll tell you how we became known as the Ponies of Friendship!

GOOD MORNING, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for the Generation 5 Movie and beyond! We are nearly two weeks away from the major premier of the upcoming 'My Little Pony' movie slated to make its Netflix debut on September 24th for the adoring MLP public.

Would've been bigger if they committed to the theatrical release.

Easy Loonie... *Clears throat* Anyways, in just a span of a few days we've recently received a few mini trailers following the official trailer release several weeks ago. While not as long as the main trailer itself, two of which lasting as long as '30 seconds', and most of the scenes included are what we already know moving forward, there are some slight interesting tidbits of material in these trailers that offers a few things we can expect to look forward to. And now without further ado, let's get down to discussing what we have to look forward to shortly before the new movie... but first:

WARNING: The following videos contain major spoilers. If you don't want to watch, please skip to the end.

Hit the music ladies!

Now as mentioned before, some of these trailers are 'slightly' more extensive to a degree even at around 30 seconds. Again, most of these scenes are 'old' but there are some brand new ones. Most of which we will be discussing for the duration of this blog. And we kick things off with the second trailer that came out earlier this week:

As we can see with most of the trailer, we do get a few brief highlights centered around what's to come for the movie. We are offered a stellar view of Zephyr Heights at night, including the spotlights shooting from an entire building which either indicates the opening of Pipp's major concert scene... or something went wrong and suddenly the city is on high alert. Under that circumstance, I'm leaning more towards the... Pipp's big concert scene. If the Pegasus Queen's excitement is any further indication.

This is your final boarding call: All aboard!

Take it easy fellas! Sheesh... *Straightens up* We catch a glimpse of Sunny Starscout hyping herself for the big dance off against Alphabittle. And as far as that image reference to kick off this blog, apparently Izzy Moonbow is only adding to the comparison of being Pinkie Pie given the hip-hop/rap reference we may expect to find for an upcoming musical segment in the movie.

I came to get down, I came get to down, so get out of your seat and jump around!

The 90s called! They want their act back!

Also we get a brief segment of what we can assume to be Deputy Sprout and crew having a number... let's not get into it right now. A few hip sways from the cast...

Don't even think about it...

*Pause* Killjoys... and the moment that 'everyone' is talking about since this trailer came up... that would be Hitch's impromptu performance in front of confused Pegasi, while he's in disguise (See 0:19-0:25). Well to be fair, I've seen awkward dances before...

Audience clearly unamused.

Fortunately, with this next trailer we're about to go over, there's actually some more footage to work with making it easier to go over. Again, there's likely going to be spoilers but if you've actually read the blog up to this point... well let's hope we're still willing to watch this movie (I know I am). Anyways... let's move on to what is technically considered the '3rd' trailer, which again is under 30 seconds.

One of the major plot points that this trailer unveils is that apparently the connection between the dissention amongst the ponies was the separation of a set of crystals which I'm assuming represented the harmony amongst the three races. And no, I do not mean the Elements of Harmony faithful viewers. Apparently the movie is referring to...


No Izzy...



*Frowns* Don't do it...



For buck's sake, I'm talking about... 'those':

Insert obvious plot device here...

A children's book was rumored to go into slight detail about this element to the story, but I never actually read it so I'm just carrying that knowledge with a grain of salt. That being said, it 'would' be a nod to the reference that the ponies are about to embark on some 'major' jewel heist meaning that 'each' of the pony races must hold a crystal that when put together could 'possibly' restore the magic. Which would explain what brings us to this moment:

We're all talking how a 'Sonic Rainboom' is taking place but neglecting Sunny's home is a wreck!

Frankly, I don't quite understand why the team felt it necessary to 'spoil' how this all pays off by the end of the movie unless the idea was, 'It's one thing to 'see' what is going to happen, but that doesn't reflect 'how' it happens'. But for me... I nearly call it lazy advertising trying to put together a trailer without giving stuff away.

No shit, Captain Obvious.

That being said, we do get to learn some rather interesting things that adds to the fact that magic is gone. With the rumors stemming from the fact of how it affects the Pegasi and how the royal family have a 'special' means of obtaining flight (Even if it's mostly gliding)... almost puts the stage craft of 'Peter Pan' to shame.

latest (2048×853) (nocookie.net)
I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!

That was 'so' not a Peter Pan reference, buddy...


Insert *Mario Scream* here...

Overall, we do get at least some idea as to what only adds to Sunny & friends' journey to restore friendship amongst their races by any means. Some may look at these trailers and instantly think, 'Uh, Spoilers much?' but if I can make a 'positive' out of this... the following scenes truly encourage only deeper speculation as to what we are aiming to expect and how it's going to lead to many potential storylines for the rest of G5 moving forward. Unless you're one of those insensitive, obnoxious jerks who will soon spoil everything after reading the official book release or you're just 'so lucky' to be among the first to see the movie before it comes out in America there's still so much we don't know and I just know the excitement is building amongst fans who've been waiting to see this movie since it's announcement.


As we slowly make our way towards the scheduled film release in two weeks, that leaves us with one question:

What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful readers, this is the Dramamaster829... and we end things off with something fun!

Push '2' repeatedly for the LOLz.

I am so livestreaming this moment!

Comments ( 40 )

Aww, a tea party!

You know, that would be a fitting end to the movie as a whole, like how G4 ended with the main 6 at Donut Joe's

I hear what you are saying. Course, we know going in that Sunny has a job selling smoothies to the townsponies. Who knows? Maybe by the end, she and her friends celebrate over smoothies to celebrate their victory (However they get it done). Because it looks like quite a mess before anything is actually accomplished.

Although that being said, in G4's case, it would technically end at 'Donut Joe's' if we don't count the 'very' last episode where we see Twilight and her friends all grown up and inspiring that one mare with the story of their one 'final' lesson before Twilight moves on to the next stage of her life (With all her friends still by her side thanks to Twilight's one stipulation).

Oh, no, that episode doesn't count, it came after the season finale (okay, technically it counts and I could see how it would fit in with G5 but otherwise I don't acknowledge it


Oh, no, that episode doesn't count, it came after the season finale (okay, technically it counts and I could see how it would fit in with G5 but otherwise I don't acknowledge i

Well least you do acknowledge that it 'technically' counts regardless, there's no backing out from that. And I got the quote to prove it. 😜

Hmph. Well, okay, the point is it counts as a part of the series, but like Quibble Pants and anything past the first Daring Do Trilogy; "I'm not saying they don't exist, I'm saying that I refuse to acknowledge them"

As in, I am never going to reference anything other than that episode's flashback in my stories, because the flashback has tons of story material due to the sheer number of things that happened or were seen

Right... right...

We'll be lucky to get a silent cameo of Twilight and her friends, in spirit form, if there's room to feature them in the movie. And if not, perhaps we'll be lucky if we receive some descendants of some of their families.

Ooh, true

Hm...wait a minute...Izzy is a purple unicorn with a poofy mane that acts like Pinkie...


It's possible... if not probable. Although it seems Izzy seems to lean more towards Pinkie's side in that regard, given how zany she is. But who knows? Maybe deep down, she is actually much smarter and more well aware than we give her credit for. Course, any more like Twilight, and Izzy will have those 'Twilighting' moments.

Yeah, true. I'm also hoping we at least see some Spike descendants. I mean, we have how many trailers now, and are there any other creatures present besides those bunny guys Hitch bows to?

Your posts are summed up to one word and one word only


The lack of dragons and other species that helped G4 become so famous is rather disturbing. I'm sure there's a perfectly, rational, adult method of explaining this absence somehow. Who knows? Since Spike's kind are likely to live longer than ponies, depending on the choice of lore, maybe Spike spent the remainder of his adult years growing up alone... harbored by memories of his lost friends.

I may not be the type of person you hear posting material on Equestria Daily nor harbor the attention of the 'big wigs' of the Brony community (Since I'm small-fry with my freelance work), but I am very proud of the work I'm putting in. Least it won't be long till the movie comes out and I can finally start working on my first FimFic project since I came here.


I’m probably gonna get to watching some more musical films.

Might watch Vivo once I have freetime

Film adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen coming too so I’ll have to read plot and listen to the Broadway soundtrack to familiarize myself with it

True...but then Smolder and Ember would feel the same way...well, maybe Ember, it depends on how long Thorax would live, since he and Spike are the only ones she seems to consider her friends. Not sure about Garble...

'Vivo' actually turned out a lot better than I thought it would. It's actually a rather entertaining musical in a way.

As for 'Dear Evan Hansen', it does come out around the same time as the new 'My Little Pony' movie, save for the early Thursday releases. But that being said, that is another movie I actually want to try and see. After all, I'm a sucker for musicals myself.

Honestly, call me bias, but I've never believed in Garble's reformation as he's been a real jerk for so long it's hard for me to think any different. Considering he was willing to smash Phoenix eggs for mere enjoyment. I mean I'll admit the whole beatnik thing is rather... 'interesting', but honestly not enough for me to feel he is suddenly special other than the fact that (Surprise, surprise!) he's Smolder's 'brother'.

It's tricky to determine the age rate of either dragons or Changelings at this point. The aging of Dragons has always been a 'contrast' with many interpretations, whereas for Changelings... if they are anything like the insects we know... it's tricky to know if they live 'just' as long or mainly survive so long as there's something that keeps them alive.

Not to mention tick tick BOOM is gonna be on Netflix in November too

Totally forgot all about that. Then again, I don't follow that musical so my knowledge of it is limited to the fact that it's a one act show, very few cast of characters (I think it's a one man show), but I hear people actually like it.

Partially right

It started out in 1990 as Jonathan Larson sung it as a one man rock monologue

It went to Off Broadway in 2001 and the musical was reworked into a three actor (2 guys, 1 girl) show

The film adaptation extends the cast for obvious reasons

It has been assumed Chrysalis has been alive for a long time, so a lot of people might believe Thorax would live just as long now that he's taken her place, that's why I mentioned it

(Also, he's Smolder's brother, not sure if it's a typo but just thought I'd let you know-you're right though, I think he has the capability to be a good guy, but they could've done better with writing it)

Well... better to be 'partially' right than not at all.

Hopefully we get a slight extension on the 'MLP' cast after the movie. By the looks of it, there seems to be a relatively small number they are focusing on. But who knows? The more episodes and specials we get, we may get a cast that ranges from background turned supporting characters and even characters essentially the 'one shots' may become so popular they'll eventually be included in the cast. Folks are already 'trying' to find the new 'Derpy Hooves' amongst a cast of background stars we've seen so far. Maybe not so much with the eyes, but at least some pony who stands out.

*Catches mistake* Wow... that's embarrassing.

Anyways... it is true Chrysalis has lived much longer than most of the Changelings. It's possible Thorax can live just as long. Although in her defense, she consumed 'so much' love over the years to keep her lifeforce in check. Whereas Thorax and the rest of her former hive had since given up on love after discovering a means to be a more powerful race. But it's a pretty good assumption in light of how they live compared to humans, as far as longevity is concerned.

1. Probably might extend the casting credits give or take

2. Btw the musical is also autobiographical on account the musical is about how one doesn’t feel like he’s living the dream. Larson’s father stated in liner notes of the cast album that Jon has been trying to establish himself in theatre since the 80s. So I guess technically this is a biopic somewhat

It's okay.

And yeah, that makes sense. One might stand to reason that if they're all sharing love now, they might live a really long time as they all have a lot of love now.

Larson has been through a lot trying to make a name for himself in the competitive world of theater. By the time he would achieve his magnum opus with some of his shows, like 'Rent' for instance, he did not live long enough to see the legacy that would be left behind as a result of his vision.

It is a logical reasoning, so long as the Changelings still have love to share if they are any still around during these troubled times in Equestria. If all they have left is each other, the Changelings may only focus on their own survival and support. Especially if they are not as friendly with the ponies as they used to be.

That’s really what gets me on musical like Hamilton or even tick tick BOOM

it has the elusive narrative of “legacy”. How much time do we have on earth anyway. What goals do we have to achieve something in our lives. How do we know that any legacy is secure. It really fascinating when you think about it. Jonathan Larson, Howard Ashman, playwrights like them have made cultural impact (general or posthumously) even to a somewhat extent today to lots of fans they have. Not to mention one thing that I heard of this quote from a video I watched a while ago “you can never truly appreciate something until it’s gone”

True, but that's assuming they dropped contact with the other creatures too

Or maybe something happened to Thorax and he's trapped or something, leaving Pharynx in charge of them all, and with his personality he might've led them underground

When I go over what you say, I think back to the subject of the upcoming 'My Little Pony' movie and how everyone is talking about all these changes happening (Including apparently how some of the ponies only have a cutie mark on 'one' flank instead of two if you look closely). And that does bring back the question surrounding the transition of 'G4' to 'G5' (Which also applies with the other generations):

How much time do we have until the generation we know is ancient history? What goes are left to achieve in order to ensure the legacy remains secure? While 'My Little Pony' introduced us to their world WAY back in the 80s (Even back before 'My Little Pony' was the standard brand), it was G4 that ultimately left us a cultural impact to an extent there's a much larger fanbase initially than back when the brand truly was just a kids show made to sell toys.

Yet as we have seen with the theme centered on how ponies are suddenly no longer embracing the 'Magic of Friendship' (Maybe not amongst their own kind, but with everyone else), it also reflects the fact that we can 'never' truly appreciate something until it's long past.

There are many strong possibilities. If anything, soon as they all saw there was dissention between ponies, they likely wanted nothing to do with their petty arguments and decided to haul out as soon as they could hoping there'll be ponies smart enough to resolve all this. Even if we don't get Changelings in the upcoming series to follow after the movie, we'll always have the memories through the stories we can still tell through our own visions.

Who knows? Maybe Smolder and Ocellus found a way to make it all work somehow.


That goes for films like the Newsies or Speed Racer too

Sure those films was panned back in the day but as soon as years passed people gave them more appreciation

The difference between the two is that 'Newsies' ended up having a rather successful Broadway run with a musical adaptation of the old movie. Whereas for 'Speed Racer', I think after this one movie... I don't think we really heard much else out of the franchise as a whole. We'd be lucky if they make a few shout-outs of the old anime in recent projects.


But you get the point tho

Aparently Sprout and Phylis are the villians. That door shut gag was rather humerous im just wondering what these earth ponies would get out of all the races being turned against each other. How does this benefit them exactly and why? Bad guys need some kind of inside motive. Nice Belair Spoof. Pinkie Pie would be proud.

So it seems to be... if the information I've gathered thus far is any consideration. Wheras, I lean Sprout as more of the 'comedic' villain ala Lefou from 'Beauty and the Beast' when it comes to Phyllis, I feel at this point she reminds me of the 'Fairy Godmother' from 'Shrek 2' who comes out as nice and sweet, but really she's got malicious intentions. And I still amuse myself with the door shut gag not even worried that I'll push this one button on the keypad so many times it'll break.

Honestly... who knows what ponies have to gain turning against one another? However long this took place at the time whether the magic disappeared as soon as ponies started turning against each other or the magic disappeared LONG before this fear and paranoia took place and ponies blamed each other for such a heavy loss, it's still a mystery as to how this all started. As for the bad guys themselves, I think of what Plankton said in that one Spongebob musical, 'When fish are scared, they school together'. So long as the ponies are still 'scared', they'll come flocking to Canterlogic (Well, the Earth ponies anyway) and Phyllis will make a mass fortune selling her products that 'likely' won't work... but she's making the money.

When I saw that scene I was thinking back to Pinkie's spoof on 'Fresh Prince' and it was just 'too funny' to pass up on adding to my blog.

Fear does sell and can be easy to manipulate if we go my Mayor Bellweathers Philopsy. I always thought the motto was we scare because we care/never not be afraid. I agree with Sprout being very comical. Maybe he thinks the magic being gone is a good thing because lets face it the Earth Ponies don't really have anything like flight or magic.(Still find them my favourite race but Sprouts probably jealous and thats maybe why he wants to take control. In his eyes all the other tribes are like them/there superior now and things should stay that way.

In a way, that same logic applies to war itself (Especially when folks will pay completely out of the government's pocket for all the weapons and tools needed just to obliterate themselves to pieces) and yet what do we all truly have to gain after that?

And with Sprout, I can understand where that logic is coming from. And when we look at the three races, the Unicorns had their magical abilities... the Pegasi can just fly to get wherever they want... and if we include Alicorns, they are essentially the powerhouse of the Pony races. Where does that leave the Earth ponies? The most magical properties they have, and let's face it, being able to be super-strong over certain matters (But even then, it's like comparing the mindset of a champion chess player against a computer).

For Sprout, he could be jealous for a lot of things. And if not of the other races himself, he is jealous that a pony like Hitch is Maretime Bay's beloved sheriff while Sprout is pretty much his LeFou to some extent. With Hitch gone off to recover Sunny, after the whole 'Unicorn entering Maretime Bay' deal) for Sprout this is his opportunity to take charge and ultimately take advantage of that day's events to convince every pony to take action and finally put an end to the unicorn invasion before it even starts. Starting with the unicorn with the nerve to come to Maretime Bay, and the 'one' Earth Pony with the gull of harboring said unicorn in her own house (Even if it were 'miles' away from the city).

Ah yes the terrifying Izzy who will bring the end to civilization.(Heavy sarcasm) ALl hail our new communist unicorn leader. (Starlight glares at me) Uh no offense hehe? I'm wondering if Sprouts planning on using that giant mech to destroy/kill both Sunny and her unicorn friend. Or at least injure them. Not sure how dark were gonna get. There was slavery and hints of peril in the 2017 movie so who know what might happen here.

Whatever Sprout's plans are that involves that giant mech, it's not going to be good. Given the rating of the movie, probably won't be 'too' dark... but you never know.

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