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Aftermath · 3:52am Sep 8th, 2021

*Fallout sighs sadly as he continues look at his food which was a small order of chili cheese fries that he ordered a while ago and tried to eat as soon as he arrived at sugarcube corner but couldn’t and instead pokes his food with his fork at a attempt to eat but he felt sick*

Ugh it’s been three weeks since the friendship game and I still can’t eat much…damn

*as he complains quietly to himself pinkie rolls up to his table after getting worried and gets his attention*

hi honey bunny can I join you?

Uh sure babe but aren’t you working

I’m taking a 10 minute break

*as she said that she sits down as close as she can to Fallout and intertwined her fingers with his making him drop his fork and look at her*

your still thinking about shieldbreaker huh?

……..it’s that obvious huh

yeah your eating way less then you normally do we’re all getting worried isn’t the counsel Helping?

It is believe me but it’s hard to forget what I did and…..

*pinkie squeezed his had tighter and looks at him with worry*

and what honey bunny? I wanna help you

*fallout opened his mouth to speak but closed it and begins to think if he should really tell her the truth or not after causing so much damage he’s still surprised she and everyone else is still with him, after some more thinking he decided to tell her the truth fallout knows if he wants to get past this he needs help*

I…I can still hear him in my head sometimes pinkie….and I’ve been having nightmares too…..granted it’s happening less and less I’m still scared I might turn back into that thing

fallout he won’t come back your stronger then he will ever be and having all that happen less and less is prof of that! If you ever get scared you can always come to me or the girls We will never leave you alone! I know it isn’t easy but remember I love you and so do the others now no more talking about that big meanie you need to eat mister your gonna make yourself sick if you don’t eat

*fallout smiles and kisses pinkie then tried to pick up the fork but was stopped as he saw pinkie get it first*

here I’ll feed you ok

P-pinkie I don’t-

please let me help you ok


good! If you can eat all of this I’ll get you some cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake right

of course honey bunny!

*As fallout started to eat again thanks to his girlfriend pinkie began to think about what she could do to cheer him up and soon got an idea but kept it to herself*

hey can I come over to your house tonight I wanna cuddle with you until we pass out

Y-yeah sure babe anything for you

good I’ll invite the others

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Hey man. I feel you. The day my left arm was corrupted was probably the worst days of my life. But hey, I kinda learned how to control it.

Hmm good to know and how did that happen?

Let's just say I stumbled across power that I shouldn't have touched......

Yeah. Now I'm stuck with this black left arm forever.

*Eventually Fallout decides to get up and leave, however when he does he bumps into a certain someone, knocking her to the ground.*


“Oh my gosh, i’m so sorry Twi! You okay?”

yeah, just fine… do you see my glasses?

“Yeah I see them!”

*Fallout reaches down to pick them up, careful with the fact that he has a good view up Twilight’s skirt.*

“H-here you go!”

Thanks *Puts them on* you okay? You seem a bit red.

“Yeah, i’m fine. Let’s get you up!”

*Fallout grabs both her hands and helps her off the ground.*

thanks… um, How’s your Counseling going?

“Pretty good, it’s a long road ahead from being better, but i’m doing fine.”

good, um, so are you still studying?

“Um…. Well… most of my after school activities are focused on Counseling, and archery club… and my girlfriends, so-“

Fallout! You need to study! We have tests coming up soon, if you don’t keep up with your grades you’ll be spending all summer in school!

“S-sorry! I haven’t had a lot of time, i promise!”

w-well, if you want, I could tutor you!

“You don’t mind?”

Nah, I usually spend my free time in the library, it would be nice to have a bit of company! Maybe we can meet up after school tomorrow?

“Okay, if it’s cool with you!”

it’s a date! … I- I don’t mean a Date-Date, i mean more of a friend meeting another friend, totally platonic, date, u-unless you want it to be a…. Not that I…. I’ll see you tomorrow! *runs away and hits her face against the glass door. She then pulls the door and leaves in a hurry.*

So~ you and Twilight are going on a date~?

“Wh- what? No! We’re just meeting…. As friends…”

did you want it to be a date?

*blush* “Wh- what are you saying?!”

you know what i mean~

It’s okay bro, i gotcha!

*pulls out some paint and paints his arm White*

there! Now it’s not Black anymore!

… but now it’s totally bland…. Oh, i know!

*paints it into a rainbow*

there! Now you can show your pride!

… not your thing? Okay how about…

*paints again* Easter egg art? Nah too late in the year… ooh how about…

*paints again* Indian Mandala art? Very exotic!

“Why not get rid of the demon?”

nah, that’s going to need help from upstairs!

W-what come on pinkie I Have 5 of you already

oh you can always have one more… maybe even two!

“Don’t be ridiculous, hon! Besides… who else would want to be with someone with so many girlfriends?”

uh, hey Pinkie! Can i get a refill on my soda?

Coming right up Sunset!

*Whispers in Fallout’s ear:* maybe even two~

*blushes* p-pinkie I’m happy with you and the others!

U-um I appreciate the thought but...... I like my arm being black. I don't want to change anything about me, I'm fine the way I am.

Sheesh! My man's here is a mind reader!

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