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University Days next chapter - YOU decide · 6:46am Dec 6th, 2012

So, I'm at a bit of an impasse.

You see, I mentioned a while ago that I have an adorable Hearth's Warming Eve chapter planned. I originally intended to do Octavia's birthday (and consequently her mother's) arc before Christmas arrived in the real world. What I failed to anticipate was just how slowly the next chapters would come along. You all know the reasons, university etc. but that doesn't change the fact that I'm a little behind where I thought I would be.
And here lies our problem.
In the story, it is the middle of the year. Hearth's Warming, like Christmas, happens at the end of the year amongst the snow and merriment. Having a random Hearth's Warming chapter out of nowhere would be a little silly because nothing has been leading up to it.
Thankfully, I was about to introduce snow anyway, so at least we have that part covered. I also think Octavia's mother could be en-route during the next chapter, which means I have one chapter before the birthday and her arrival.
So my question to you is this: What would you prefer I do?

1. Do a lovely snowy chapter about the day before Octavia's birthday (basically a holiday special without explicitly saying it's a holiday special)


2. Skip straight to the birthday and ignore the holiday season entirely.

I like involving you guys because you've all been so good to me, so I leave it up to you. Option 1 will give you a cute chapter at the cost of delaying the birthday for a chapter, while option 2 will make the Hearth's Warming chapter happen when it reaches that stage in-universe at the cost of being completely unrelatable.
We've had a lot of conflict-free chapters lately, so I'll understand if you want me to get straight into the next arc.

Vote for your choice here.

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Comments ( 68 )

Well of course you're gonna have to put it in. :twilightsmile:

I say 2, on with the show!

I am glad to see that my choice has 100% of the votes so far.

I am voter number 3, but such details don't matter.

I'd personally do option 1, but it's your call.

I have zome ting I wish to tell you. And I think zoo are goingz to like it!:coolphoto:
"Oh the weather outside is frightful :derpyderp2: but the fire is soooo delightful.:pinkiesad2: and since we no place to go:raritywink: let it snow let it snow let it snow :twilightsmile: Oh it doesn't show signs of stoppin :raritydespair: but I brought some corn for poppin:raritystarry: oh the lights are turned way down low.:duck: Let it snow let it snow let it snow. :rainbowdetermined2:
edit: reads last part. :facehoof:

let's have snowy holidays

One, because cuddles and d'aww moments aplenty.....

I vote for 1, more heart melty goodness the better

The snow chapter would bring a nice romantic evening with the two.

#1 Because raisins.

A snow chapter would be nice, but the story seems to be kind of grinding to a halt. Lovey dovey sweet times are all good and well, but I'd prefer to have some conflict.. or, at least, some movement. As it is, we're getting a lot of icing and not much cake.. if you'll excuse the Pinkie-tastic analogy.


Btw, it's 30 "Adorable" vs 6 "skip" votes... I think it's already decided xD

Option 1.

I say 2, don't ruin the plan you have, we'll be patient... ish

cute and cuddly chapter first

Well, having voted, then seen how the poll turned out, I guess we're having a snowy-fluffy chapter before Octavia's big fight with her mother...

I would've preferred it to stick to in-universe time, but, the majority speaks for itself...

Either way, I don't have any complaints, an update is a new chapter to read!

Additional d'aaws are always appreciated. Voted #1.

Oh god! 2 options?!? Both of which sound amazing! My doctor told me not to make difficult decisions!!
Opps. Yup. Brain just died :derpyderp1::rainbowderp:

Holiday special, and in the next one could be.:moustache:
Vinyl will give Tavi something 'special' for birthday. then right as they begin on the bed, lo and behold, wild mother appears :twilightsmile:

Well, when you present the two options as "Adorable snowy fun", which brings to mind lovey-dovey, frolicking young ponies scampering to and fro in the nippy winter chill, maybe play-wrestling or tripping over one another in the excitement of it all and ending up face to flush-cheeked face, flustered breathing synchronizing unconsciously as their muzzles grow closer and they look into one another's eyes, and...

Uh, sorry. Kinda derailed my train of thought there. :rainbowhuh:

Anyway, when you present one option as "adorable snowy fun~" and the other as "onwards to awkward conflict!" (more or less, anyway), what'cha think us d'aww-aholic, instant gratification type magical pony loving folk are gonna go for? :3

And especially when you write it so exceedingly well, of course. <3

Uno numero.


I'd like #2 to progress the story, but a side of filler would do nicely. Keep up the great work, Favorite series on fimfiction ^.^

I say a bit of snow would be nice.

As much as I want to see the plot progess I want to side with what I guess you'd call the 'filler chapter'. You're usually at the top of your game when producing uplifting and lighthearted stories, so I can't say no to it. At least with you it doesn't feel like filler XD

I vote number 1. Having a holiday special actually around the holidays is great!

I say go with which makes the story flow better

Cute chapter please! :twilightsmile:

I'd say one please. :twilightsmile:

On with the fluffiness! :rainbowkiss:

Wait wait wait, when has good literature ever been 'relatable' in that the seasons line up in the book and the reader's world? People who read this later will not care. Option 2, it is the logical choice.:twilightsmile:

1, more equals better! Plus a Hearth's Warming Eve chapter would be adorable.

You could do the cute chapter as a calm before the storm kinda thing, so like at the end of it her mother shows up and is like "Hey everypony whats going on here?"

Adorable snow chapter is my preference but remember it's your story in the end :pinkiesmile:

I'm sure, whatever you'd write, it would be great =)

Go point 1! I need more cuteness here in the cold winter times :yay:

We'll get 2 either way, so why not 1?

It's in the middle of the semester in the story? :rainbowderp:
What about all the cold and snow... And aren't the exams at the end of the semester?
I've got no clue what's going on, but I'll vote 1 because cuteness. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png

so what your asking is one or two chapters more with the story as a whole. of course go with the cute chapter then the celebration! it'll be longer in the long run! also cute!

tough choice :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:
I vote for 1. Because, let Vinyl and Tavi have some awesome cuddle time before the shitstorm of problems (in form of Octavia's mother) arrives and destroyes everything... or at least tries to. :heart:
Besides, it's already cold in the story, it actually sounds like they're quite close to winter...

Well, normally I would say straight to the nonsensical chapter, to move the story along. However, I like to have a little bit of lead-up to a certain event. :rainbowkiss:
On another note, say a reader comes to read this long after you've finished it. They would see that you went to a random time of the year with no lead-up. But if you put that extra chapter in, they wouldn't wonder where all those extra few months went. Just some food for thought. :twilightsmile:

I would like 1. So that way we have a lead up with Octy and Vinyl thinking "Oh everything is perfect and loving and fun" Only in the next chapter to have WHAM, something straight out of the wedding crashers. I think it would be quite funny :ajsmug:

the first one because the link sends me to somewhere where I was being asked if I wanted a poll created...:unsuresweetie:

#1 sounds awesome to me :twilightsmile:

Quick question- are you going to update university nights because of the last chapter?

I'm gonna take the high road and actually vote in the poll that got set up, instead of the comments section here. :rainbowwild:

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