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Friendship games alternate conclusion · 9:06pm Sep 6th, 2021

ok guys here’s the conclusion to Friendship games Alternate please enjoy!

St- Stay back, Stay away from me!

*Fallout tries to run away but he trips over his own feet.*

Fallout, what’s wrong?

Please! Don’t come any closer! I don’t want to hurt you!

Fallout, it’s okay! I know that wasn’t really you! That was just the magic talking!

It WAS me! I- I just felt so powerful, so much stronger then any of the bullies at school! When I thought of all the things I could do… if you hadn’t stopped me…

*Fallout was now shaking*

Honey bunny… *Inches closer*

No! Stop! You shouldn’t be anywhere near me! I- I hurt you, I said awful things! I’m a monster who doesn’t deserve to have friends! Or a girlfriend as wonderful as you! I deserve to be weak and alone!

That’s not true!


No one deserves to be alone, especially someone as nice as you are!

Nice? I just leveled half the school! What about this is something a nice guy would do?!

Everyone has a dark side to them, in fact I can imagine doing something similar if the roles were reversed. But despite everything that happened, you haven’t done anything irreparable! You can get back whatever you lost!

But that… thing, That demon, it’s still a part of me. How do I know I won’t hurt anyone for real?

Because that thing isn’t everything you are. You’re also the kind, sweet boy who helped a girl from his rival school feel welcome. When anyone else would have spoken to me with abhorrence, you spoke with warmth and compassion.

What do you mean? Almost everyone at our school seemed nice to you.

But not everyone at my school. Everyone at Crystal Prep is so toxic, and competitive; they’d gladly put someone else down just to make themselves look better. And because of that… I avoided everyone. I was alone for so long because I didn’t have anyone I could depend on. And I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

*wipes a tear away* so please, don’t run away from those who do care about you!

*Fallout considers her words as she held her hand out to help him up. He accepts it and slowly raises up to his feet.*

Everyone… i’m sor-

*suddenly he is glomped by Pinkie Pie.*

Oh, Honey Bunny! I’m so happy you’re back!

Thanks Pinkie. And I’m sorry for what happened. I promise, I didn’t mean any of those bad things I said.

I know, it was the magic talking! The real you would never say those things!

*Fallout smiles before feeling himself be surrounded by his favorite ladies in the world.*

Happy to have ya, partner!

Fallout, darling!

Th- thank heavens you’re back!

You’re not hurt, are ya stud?

I’m fine girls, sorry I was so scary before…

But darling, why didn’t you tell us you were still being bullied?

I… I didn’t want you girls to worry about me…

Wait, is that why you were really sore on our date? You said it was because of gym class!

I didn’t want you girls to know how lame I was.

What were they bullyin you about?

They… didn’t like that I was dating all of you at once…

Oh no, how Terrible!

That’s it! We want names!

Yeah, aint nobody gonna mess with you ‘cus they couldn’t get girlfriends!

No, girls I have to do this on my own, I don’t want everyone to think I’m weak…

You’re not a weakling darling, you’re one of the strongest boys we know!

But you’re only one person, and there’s only so much one person can be strong at.

But I don’t want you girls getting hurt.

Then tell a teacher, or something! But please don’t think you have to deal with this on your own anymore! We love you too much to see you be hurt!

Thanks girls, I love you too, all of you!

*the girls, in their relief to see their boyfriend back to normal. Gave him a big hug and peppered him with kisses. After a few minutes Fallout looks at Sunset, and in that instant remembers what he said to her as well. He politely breaks from his group hug to meet her.*

Sunset, I’m sorry about all those things I said.

It’s fine, I don’t blame you. After all the things I did I should’ve expected that even you wouldn’t completely forgive me.

Sunset, it’s true I could never forget what you’ve done, but after all the good things you’ve done since then: helping students with their homework, assisting the school after hours, and you’ve even volunteered at Fluttershy’s Animal Shelter. You’re slowly proving to everyone that the old Sunset is long gone.

And it’s for that reason, i really do Forgive you Sunset Shimmer!

*Sunset looks at Fallout with tears in her eyes before giving him a big hug.*

Th- Thank you Fallout! Thank you so much!

*Fallout was a bit surprised from the hug at first, but he soon recovered and returned the affection with a hug of his own.*

Well I certainly prefer this Fallout over that Shieldbreaker character.

P-Principal Celestia!

Fallout, i’m sorry, it’s clear that my failure to see you were bullied is what caused this. And for that, I have failed as a principal.

No, no. I should have said something, but instead I tried to bear it, hoping it would go away. You didn’t do anything wrong.

I appreciate that, but still as your principal I insist we schedule you to see a counselor. That way we can make sure everything that happened doesn’t affect your learning experience.

Thank you Principal Celestia.

*Fallout looks around to see that several of the students, most of which were from Crystal Prep, were fearful to approach him. However that was broken when some students from CHS (including Lyra, Bon Bon, Flash Sentry, and Bulk Biceps) approached him.

Fallout! Hey man you okay?

Yeah, thanks Flash.

H-hey fallout… about what you said before…

We’re so sorry we didn’t help you when you were bullied…

Some of those guys were just so scary… but we should have done something…

Even if it was someone like Sun- … well, other people…

*Sunset tries to hide a hurt expression as she remembers the awful things she did.*

Everyone it’s fine. That stuff’s all in the past. I forgive you guys.

*everyone has smiles on their faces while Bulk was on the verge of tears. Suddenly Bulk picks up Fallout and gives him a big ol’ bear hug.*

Forgiveness is amazing YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!

B-Bulk… too… much!

*after putting down Fallout other students started crowding him to give their apologies and concerns. As Fallout’s girlfriends join the crowd Sunset drifts away and sees Twilight by herself with her face rose red.*

Fallout’s quite something, isn’t he?

Hmm? Oh, uh I- I guess, he is really sweet, and kind, and…

*Sunset laughs as Twilight continues to look flustered.*

S-so um, do you have any idea what that energy was?

Well I know this will be hard to believe, but it was actually Magic.

Magic? But Magic doesn’t exist! It’s not scientifically possible!

Like I said, hard to explain. We can talk more about it at a later time.

Okay… so um, which one of those girls is Fallout’s girlfriend?

Well actually Fallout has five girlfriends.

Five girlfriends!?

Yeah, they’re the girls from before. It’s not traditional here, I know, but somehow they make it work.

… s-so, any chance he might want another girlfriend?

Why, interested?

N-no! I’m… asking for a friend! …maybe.

*Meanwhile, in Equestria, a certain Pegasus was on his usual hunt when he found a trail of tracks. But after several hours of searching he was unable to find his prey.*

Huh, this is weird, I could swear I was onto a Manticore earlier…

*Fallout rechecks his surroundings and, thanks to his experience being a hunter, starts recreating a scenario to pick up the trail.*

Let’s see… it was walking normally until around here…

*Fallout eyes the trail as he continues his observation.*

But here… it caught sight of something, and started prowling… the tracks sway, so it’s possible it didn’t know what it was stalking just yet…

*Fallout continued to follow the trail, cautious to his surroundings in case he gets jumped.*

But then, right here, it stopped for a few moments… possibly getting ready to pounce. Then it rushed forward pouncing at its target and then…

*Fallout does his best to recreate the pounce, but when it came time to land on the ground Fallout failed to see any more tracks, or any indication of where the Manticore could have gone.*

…Nothing, I don’t get it, it’s like it just literally vanished from existence.

*Fallout scratched his neck out of aggravation as he continued to be perplexed by the situation.*

Uggh, whatever, I need to get back to Ponyville. Twilight should be back from her lecture in Canterlot, and I want to know how it went.

*as Fallout turned to head back home, he hears a loud noise. He turns his head to see a portal open and a half beaten Manticore fell out of it and only a few feet in front of him.*

… there you are.

*The moment the Manticore stirred Fallout leaped backwards and pulled out his crossbow. When the Manticore tried to get up Fallout could see it had recently been in a fight, complete with possibly a broken leg.*

Okay look, you’re in no shape to tussle, and I’m in a hurry to get home. So how about we go our separate ways, before I wear your fur like a coat!

*Fallout’s words rung in the Manticore’s ears as it recognized his voice. The Manticore let loose a high pitched cry, quite similar to a domestic cat, and flew away rather quickly despite how injured it was.*

… … … well, that was easy.

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It’s been a long road, but we finally shared the rise and fall of Shieldbreaker. And what a trip it’s been.

Yep well said buddy! Now onto the next adventure!!!

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