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Centaurworld is Very Good · 9:01pm September 6th

Horse is an absolute Chad. I love her to tiny pieces.

Spoilers to follow.

Random thoughts:

Imagine: a world where everyone is Pinkie Pie.

Megan McCarthy definitely put her stamp on this. Lots of characters having breakdowns.

This has a really good example of a soft magic system. Or is it? Magic is mainly there to cause problems, that's a soft magic thing. But everyone's abilities are pretty consistent -- Durpleton's sparkle eyes being used as a light source, Zulius' shapeshiting hair doing rope things, Glendale's portal tummy and kleptomania being as useful as they sound. I thought Wamawink was pulling the shield spell out of her butt at the end, but no, that's pretty much the first thing she did, isn't it?

I'm not completely sold on the hard/soft magic distinction honestly.

Ched is dead weight. Pretty much completely useless. It's okay, though. He's funny.

Izzy has Mr. Peanutbutter attached to her her butt. LOL. Seriously I want S2 to have a really emotional Horse/Tail episode.

'Like two beachballs had a weird kid' is a pretty good structural description of a G4 pony.

Nowhere King is pure metal. The name, the creepy lullaby song, the character design. Love him.

I like that the finale is the characters putting their emotional needs above the health and safety of at least two entire universes. I seriously like that. I enjoy their reckless irresponsibility. :moustache:

Really looking forward to Season 2. Considering ficing it -- I have a pretty good idea for a seven samurai (six idiots?) style story set between the two seasons. But given my record with starting and not finishing fanfics lately IDK if that's actually going to happen. MLP crossover, maybe? Might be kind of redundant. Equestria is less weird than Centaurworld, but still basically the same sort of place. And I suspect the Princesses have a similar CR to Nowhere King; might not be a challenging battle for them.

Anyway. Liked it. Thinking of watching it again already.

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I liked Centaurworld. Horse's main drive to get home to Rider and partway through, she starts having a breakdown and an existential crisis. There's definitely a background story with the Nowhere King and the woman there, but I think they're saving it for season 2.


here's definitely a background story with the Nowhere King and the woman there

Yeah like probably their relationship mirrors horse/rider in some way. Here for it.

Author Interviewer

honestly, the more fanart I see of it, the less I want to watch it c.c those designs are horrifying


That was why it took me so long to start watching honestly. But now I'm like, "oh, no, that's just Durpleton".

Then again I have a long history of loving horrifying things. :yay:

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