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Decided To Cancel Friendship Prevails · 8:43am Sep 6th, 2021

I have been giving this some thought and what with my progress slowed drastically, I feel this is better both on a strategic and professional level.
My opinion on Friendship Is Failure has not changed but I have come to realise that making the characters worse is insincere and making a fic at all in an accusatory and derisive manner just isn't professional. It makes me no better at the end of the day.
So I'll stop now. I feel like that's best.
I'm sorry to everyone who was reading it but I just worry what it could do to me and to you and I don't want to end up there.
I'm moving on with that. It's been a year, a very strange year that pushed me to new levels. I'm not a kid anymore and I need to shape up.
I am sorry to anyone who was hurt by Friendship Prevails.
Thanks for your support.

Please note, my other fics will be worked on at a later date. I cannot say when. At the moment I want to get other things off the ground first.
Thank you for your patience.

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Sorry to hear that. I hope none of your other fics suffers that, would be a shame, as they are very good

Yeah, don't worry. This isn't just a time issue. I will work on the other fics when I get the chance but I just don't think I went into Friendship Prevails with the best of intentions so I figure it's better to let it lie.

okay. that with the just cause story, i can wait, it's just the damn eagerness, you know?

But lost reflection, gives me a funny thought of cancelled

Shadowplay: Boss, I don't feel so good... (fades)
Cascadius: No, we are all doomed! (fades too)

Caught the story yesterday, and it's suddenly cancelled... Sorry to see that, it looks interesting. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I am sorry. I just didn’t think it was bringing out the best in me.

That's OK, you still have many other fine works I can admire. :twilightsmile:

Very good to know. :raritywink:

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