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Fic recs, September 5th! · 8:46pm September 5th

If you're in a position to help out folks in need, please check out FOME's post about some people who could use some assistance due to Hurricane Ida.

Eyyyyy, Scribbler read my story ACT OF WILL! :D I'm so pumped, it's great.

You know what I haven't done in a while? Minifics! And with 69 nice fucking fics on my audiobook list, that sure isn't gonna let me get any news out in a timely manner! So enjoy.

H: 5 R: 10 C: 2 V: 1 N: 0

Escape by Cold in Gardez
Genre: Emotional
So Celestia visits Tartarus, and it's way different than you probably think it is. There's a real economy of words at play here, fitting a whole ton of world-building into less than a thousand of them. And honestly, the reason she's going down there isn't as interesting as what she finds along the way, but it's still pretty neat. Fitting a couple of 'whoa' moments into this short a story takes some real talent.
Highly Recommended

This Place by Esle Ynopemos
Genre: Emotional
I've been reading each of these anthologies in chronological order, but that's internally chronological. Each story in a given review blog is essentially chosen at random, with no relation to those around it. Which is why it is unspeakably bizarre that this story is so similar to the last one. They even start the same way! It's almost chilling. This piece, though, is all discovery and journey, no real destination. I'm not really even sure what it was Celestia was looking at. Still some good imagery and what-ifs, though.

Inverted Joke Week, part 5: Pinkie Pie by Nonagon
Genre: Comedy?
I really need to do these more often. This is turning into the longest week in fanfiction. I did not get this until someone spelled it out in the comments. I'd be interested to see if anyone else can figure it out from context alone.
Vaguely Recommended

SciTwi Trying to Flirt 3: The Flirtening by FuzzyFurvert
Genre: Sexual Comedy?
I use "comedy" very loosely. This is just a few hundred words of Sci-Twi making terrible innuendo. Though at least I, like Admiral Biscuit, heard a new one.
Recommended Only If You Think Sexual Harassment Is Funny

A Glorious New Order by HoofAndQuill
Genre: Historical Drama
I'm honestly impressed at how readily King Sombra compares to Scar from The Lion King. Thankfully, the prompt is really only used for the opening line; this is far more original than one might think. And it's pretty good! Watch Sombra gather his forces before assaulting the Crystal Empire and so forth.

Rival for Life by AugieDog
Genre: Character Piece
This one's from the POV of Lightning Dust in The Washouts, it would seem, but enough about that. I tried and tried to write a villanelle in my poetry-writing days and could never pull one off, so I'm mad about that. >:V But apparently I also inspired Augie to write this, so my ego is suitably assuaged. :v
Highly Recommended

Last Letter by Silvernis
Genre: Dark
The note at the start is misleading: this is really dark. I was honestly shocked. And yet, the vagueness kind of undercuts it? Like, there's no question over what Twilight did, that much is plain. It's the motives that are missing, and I think that's where this goes wrong. I mean, it reminds me of The Severing in a way, and while that wasn't necessarily a good story, at least it had some whackadoodle motives that left it indelibly burned into my mind.
Recommended Only If You Like Darkfics

Sweet Music by Bombastic Bookpony
Genre: Shipping
I stopped shipping ApplePie after Pinky Apple Pie because, y'know, they might be related. But I can't deny this is both really cute and a really original idea to get them together. I don't think I have ever seen someone explore this link between AJ and Pinkie Pie before, and that's saying something. Shit, I want a whole slice of life epic about this one idea now. AJ's intrusive lesbian thoughts are, of course, just icing on the cake.
Highly Recommended

The Best Last Day Ever by QueenMoriarty
Genre: Romance
This starts out hard and never lets up. It throws a whole bunch of things at the reader, too, but I don't think it's ultimately asking too much, save that I didn't get a solid read on this Passing Notion guy. I do love a whole ton of this, though. Can't say I've ever seen Dinky as an orphan that Derpy just happens to have a fondness for.

Derpy's Folly by ObabScribbler
Genre: Dark AU Shipping
Today, we say a fond farewell to March-makers with a fic that takes a turn, lemme tell you what. Derpy and Nightmare Moon is legitimately a great ship, cracky though it might be, but that's not why we're here. This is a short tragedy, the end of a plan and a whole lot of other things all at once. Pretty intense, be warned!

Ponyville: Subsidiary of Spikecorp, Inc. by KwirkyJ
Genre: Random Comedy
This doesn't come to much of a punchline, but the journey sure is funny. Totally surreal and unexpected from start to finish. What the heck?

A Stone's Throe by Pascoite
Genre: EQG Drama
This is really short, but it makes a good point while showing off a side of Sunset's personality I always like seeing explored.

Patience Has Its Rewards by Abecedarian
Genre: Shipping Drama
Much as I approve of this ship, I've never been very deeply into it, y'know? Regardless, I loved every second of this story, and if you like fics about young love, its ups and downs, seasoned with a little humor, you'll like this also.

The Logic of Ladybugs by FanOfMostEverything
Genre: Headcanon Dump
Sometimes, I read a story and it's like someone transcribed my own thoughts onto the page. This is an excellently goofy explanation for a couple of really stupid bits of canon, I love it.
Highly Recommended

Just Visiting by Loganberry
Genre: Drama
This one is likely gonna take you a bit to puzzle out, and that's rather impressive for something just over 100 words.

Just Guys Talking #1 by MythrilMoth
Genre: Superhero Action
I didn't have high expectations going into this, but once I saw that the 'guys' were Spike and Shining Armor, I knew I could relax. And this ends up being pretty cool!

Pillow Talk by Aquaman
Genre: EQG Shipping/Drama
This story starts off with just the funniest, cutest SciTwi ever, and then dives hard into some high-stakes drama. Like, the aftermath thereof, but still really intense. Only Aquaman could pull off something like that. I just want to enjoy what Twilight's ranting about, darnit, don't give me these feelings!
Highly Recommended

We Only Live Twice by horizon
Genre: Drama
Wow, this is wild. I've read tons of wacky backstories for Lyra and Bon-Bon, so many of them packed with changelings, but never quite like this. Just… check this out, it's unique.

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Ponyville: Subsidiary of Spikecorp, Inc. : This doesn't come to much of a punchline, but the journey sure is funny. Totally surreal and unexpected from start to finish. What the heck?

As the author, I might argue that the punchline, such as it is, is suggesting/explaining how we got here, but you're also absolutely correct. Thanks for the review! I'll have to give some of these others a read; they sound great, too. :twilightsmile:

I'll take that "Headcanon Dump" as a compliment, thank you. :raritywink:

I'll certainly take that! Thanks! :yay:

Villanelles are fun. I had Zecora do one the only time I had her as the focus character of a story.

Author Interviewer

It is a very good headcanon dump. :)

Are you reviewing all of the chapters in CiG’s anthology?
And yes, that one was particularly good.

Every time:

You review one of my poems, I think, "Yeesh! I better write some more of 'em!"


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🔫 always have been

You really don't have to.

Please, let me catch up. D:

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