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Alright, NOW I'm Pissed. · 9:18am Sep 4th, 2021

It's takes a lot to get me angry, believe me.

Even mildly hot under the collar ain't my kinda shtick.

But when my story Twilight's Diamond Daughter was sitting pretty at 100 upvotes and 5 downvotes and is now at the grande total of 144 upvotes and 15 downvotes a few weeks after publication (that's 44 upvotes and 10 downvotes in a short period of time, to the uninitiated), I can't help but feel somethin' screwy is going on.

I know, I know. I said this kind of stuff doesn't bother me. I have 322 people who follow it, I write for pleasure not kudos, I'm grateful that it's got so much attention when other fics barely get a percentage of this one's views, and so on and so forth...

Well, guess what ? I LIED.

I LIVE for upvotes. I WORSHIP them. I've discontinued stories I was enjoying writing in a heartbeat, because I didn't think they were getting the acclaim they deserved. When you add a chapter you think is one of your best, only to be 'rewarded' with diddly squat but negativity, well... it does kinda sap your enthusiasm to put in any more work.

(At this point I'd like to sincerely apologise for reminding everyone of that horrible Emoji Movie receives disturbing flashbacks of James Corden making 'hil-ar-ious' high-5 jokes. Anyway, moving on... )

And when you start getting more downvotes in a month than the vast majority of most other stories, despite universal praise in the comments and plenty of followers enjoying it, you begin wondering if someone has an agenda.

Could it be... demonic Silver/Diamond shippers who won't stop messaging me about their favourite romance not being included? (Just because the pair are tagged in the description doesn't mean they'll hook up together, ya know.) Maybe a few bronies hate the idea of Twilight being a mother (what's wrong with that)? Perhaps there are some domestic abuse survivors out there, who feel triggered by some of the themes on display here (For which I'm very sorry, but why take it out on my innocent fanfic)?

Whatever the reason for this cascade of downvotes, and you'll forgive me a bit of ego-stroking here, it's perfectly evident to me that THIS STORY DOES NOT DESERVE HALF OF THEM. Half maybe, but 15? Nah, now you're just taking the piss.

I am aware that half of 15 does not equate to a solid number. Round it up to 7 or 8, I really don't care.

The spelling is good, the grammar is fine, none of the characters are OOC and the content is obviously some of my best. So either a) There's some people out there with seriously bad taste or b) Someone is downvoting the thing for the hell of it.

Category a)... PLEASE tell me what's so bad about this story that it deserves to get the same kind of ratio as vore, foalcon or 'My Little Dashie' inspired fics. Please. I have all day.

And anyone who falls into the b) category can go fuck themselves. Seriously. (If you only knew how rarely I swear, you'll know what a meaningful statement that is).

In any case, it doesn't really inspire me to continue much on with this story that I'm putting so much time and effort into, if this is the kind of shoddy treatment it's going to get.

So in answer to the many queries I got both privately and on my profile: yes, I was aware my story went 'walkabout' yesterday. That's because I withdrew it from this website after getting ANOTHER downvote around an hour after the publication of the latest chapter, and ANOTHER two stupid shipping queries via PM despite CLEARLY asking not to be sent them in my author's comments.

If putting my all into a project is being reciprocated by being 'put through the mill' (It's an English expression, look it up, Genius) then I don't think I'll bother.

And for those who think I'm being completely over-the-top in my reaction, who think less of me for making this an issue when there's far worse problems out there, that's absolutely fine. But this is my blog, this is my rant and I'm entitled to vent my honest views dagnabbit!

I am also very aware that once I reupload this story (more on that in the next few paragraphs if you can hang on that long) it may 'inspire' a whole mess of new downvotes to the story, in 'retaliation' for what they regard as a blog post of the ultimate pettiness.

Well if you want to do that, be my guest. If it brightens your sad little day, more power to you, you insignificant birdbrains.

Just be aware in the long run it won't make you any happier, the people who enjoyed reading this story any more pleased when it's discontinued, and you'll be justifying this post's existence 100% in all the points it makes.

I don't have to do this kind of thing, you know. I have a new PS5 I've barely touched. I have two new boisterous kittens that are desperate for more playtime. I don't do commissions, ask for money or earn one red cent from any of the stories I write.

Basically, what I'm saying is: I don't owe anyone anything. I could leave this site tomorrow and continue writing under another username for other fandoms in other platforms, and not bat an eyelid.

Just bear that in mind. And yes, by doing that I also realise that I'm letting the 'haterz win'...

...Except, they're not. There are many other things I could do with my free time besides this, and they may even be more fun and fulfilling. I may only come here regularly because it's an unhealthy addiction I haven't been able to break for seven years (like white chocolate).

Who knows, once I quit I might just find that life so less stressful and frustrating I'll wonder why I didn't leave ages ago. Guess I can always find out.

So, finally (to all who managed to last this long without skipping to the end, give yourself a gold star ๐ŸŽ–. Or, a Pinkie :pinkiehappy:) I will reupload my story right now. I wrote a new chapter for it yesterday: Enjoy!

Just be aware that it might be the very last one, depending on the kind of response I get from now on. If I get tons of unwarranted and undeserved downvotes, hardly any upvotes and lots more irritating correspondence about foal-shipping, into the metaphorical bin it goes (dumpster for you uneducated Yanks).

But if all the tiresome bullshit stops and it actually starts getting the numbers it truly deserves, and the weirdos stop lining my inbox with their perverted spam, who knows what the future holds? I may upload faster, longer chapters... and I have some GREAT ideas... it would be a shame to waste them.

The decision, as they (who are 'they?') say, is in your twitchy arthritic hands. Hope you make the right one.

And as for for this aggressive, irrational, confrontational blog that may destroy my reputation overnight, I offer up some lyrics from my second favourite Police jam. (Sorry, NOTHING beats Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic)

I guess you'll call it suicide, but I'm too full to swallow my pride.

Peace (to most of you, not everyone. You know who you are).

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Comments ( 19 )

What's happening with that story? I wasn't even reading it.

Drama. Both in the story, and out of it. :moustache:


But in all seriousness, so sorry this happened to you. And I agree with that The Police statement.

I always knew you were a man of distinction, a real good reader. This just confirmed it. :twistnerd:

This is a well deserved rant and you do not deserve the crap going on. As far as likes/dislikes is concerned, some sheeple are just trolls and what can you do but tune them out as they aren't (to my knowledge) doing anything that they can be reported for.

Thanks. I won't 'grin and bear' the nonsense though, I'll call it out from now on. Bottling up your feelings don't work, as Starlight learned in that one episode that aired sometime somewhere. :unsuresweetie:

I sometimes feel a bit the same way. Often when I check on some of my stories' status... I find that most of them have at least two downers, despite largely getting praise or suggestions in the comments. Even some of my (IMHO) better ones do have relatively positive Likes and that I'm particularly proud of, and have garnered little but praise... (1, 24, 11, 4, 1, 5, 46, 7 and 25), on the same ones I also see some dislikes (3, 3, 4, 4, 2, 2, 9, 13 and 6). Sometimes on the selfsame day as their release.

It kind of feels like the same people are Disliking some of them on principle or something. While I have nowhere near the praise that your stories have or deserve, it still kind of lets the wind out of one's sails.

You know, once I got a comment that literally left me speechless for the next half hour? That user/troll's hot take of that story was, and I quote...

There is absolutely nothing redeemable about this story and it should be scrapped entirely.

To my persisting regret, I gave in.

Yes, but these are downmarks usually within an hour of publication of the latest chapter. Almost like some users are following me just to see when I update it, and when I do, they click that little thumbs-down icon and sit back to relax, ecstatic after a hard days work. The mystery goes on...

That happens to me too. I very very often see at least one or two downvotes on just about anything I say.

Either way, I have this to say to those characters.

That said, i love your work. Keep it up!:raritywink:

Oh my......

This sounds terrible and I'm sorry you're going through this. But I'm glad you let that all out, it seems to have been bothering you for quite the while.

And I'm completely okay with your choice, because after all, it is YOUR choice, and YOU get to decide what you wanna do or not.

I have to admit, the downvotes do get on my strings. Like within, 15-20 mins of the story being published, I'll have a downvote immediately. Like, WTF? And, why? I've learned to not pay them any attention, because I realized, they don't matter at all. Great story or not, you have to appreciate all the time and effort someone put in writing it.

Anyways, I wish you all the best on your next projects, and don't worry, you'll always have a upvote/like/favourite from me.:twilightsmile:

ohh dear and WTF:rainbowderp:.... not WTF to you but to the down-voters and the people that are annoying you.
if you dont like the story sure downvote it, but to downvote because is doesnt have a ship in it.... then just leave the story alone.
and so sorry that you have to go through that, if i could up-vote it more i would.

what i dont get is the shippers, if the story was lets say tagged with "romance":twilightoops: i could see why they would want the ship... but its not tagged with romance.

and i really enjoy the Twi-is/becomes-a-mother story and wish there was more of them.

really like the story and hope that you will keep writing it :twilightsmile:


Thanks and I'm feeling a bit better now... at least ONE of the downvoters has chosen to remove their 'mark of shame', whether in response to my blog or because the latest chapters meets with their 'approval' though I don't know. I've also got a few more likes from the generous people out there, thank you VERY much. At least I can rely on my wonderful followers to give me a bit of support and a confidence boost when I need it the most... :raritystarry:

If you had a sudden massive uptick in down votes did you talk to the mods to see if they are being given by new accounts or troll accounts? It strikes me as odd when an author suddenly gets hit like this and there isnโ€™t an apparent reason.

Oh dear...

I don't know, to be honest I couldn't be bothered. Stories get downvoted all the time for stupid reasons, even my own. It just upset me more with this one because I KNOW it's good, and not deserving of the hate. Seriously, I haven't had one bad comment about it so far. At least by drawing this to people's attention, they'll know why and not be put off by the bad score in reading it. :scootangel:

Sounds like trolls just downvoting the story for this exact reaction from you. Sorry, you had to go through that.

Yeah, I have a feeling you're just suffering from some trolling. And I know what you mean about the downvotes. I have a story that even though it's really long and you'd think it's bound to happen, there are downvotes that I really don't think it deserves, especially given the subject matter.

I'm glad you brought the story back, though. I'm really enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

Well, mission successful. I couldn't just ignore such blatant trolling though, could I? I hope at least the blog post was entertaining.... I was pretty much at the end of my tether when I wrote it (as the headline should tell you). :twilightangry2: :twilightsheepish:

I never want to delete it permanently, but if the ratio of every chapter = 2 downvotes and barely more likes than that continues, I probably will done.

I don't think some non-authors realise how difficult writing can be sometimes. You have to think of what to write, type a LOT, use all the correct words, divide the paragraphs, edit, spellcheck, look out for grammar errors etc... it can take HOURS. :rainbowderp:

Then some imbecile arrives to put a great big blot on your hard work in the shape of a downmark, basically saying it's rubbish without even reading it first because either they don't like you, the subject or they're just doing it for kicks... well. Let's just say I tend to get mildly upset.

Thanks for reading and enjoying, anyway. Hope to see you and everyone else here again soon, for more endeavours of a literature nature. :trixieshiftleft:

I haven't read the story, but that increase in dislikes, given how the story started, is a little odd. I know a lot of times when that happens, it's because of a chapter, some plot point introduced, or something simliar but even that doesn't seem to happen that often. I personally had a long story where a couple of dislikes came after a new chapter was out and another story where it happened for two different chapters, although only once did the new dislikes outnumber the new likes.

However, going back t this story, I don't think those downvotes are because of Twilight being a mother. Anyone with half a brain could tell she was going to take on the role of Diamond Tiara's mother just by the story's name and short description, so if that was the case, those dislikes would have come right away instead of showing up after the story's been out for a while. Out of the mane 6, Twilight is possibly the more preferred character to take on a mother role for another character (albeit they are usually OCs, especially human OCs), so downvoting for mama Twilight seems even odder than the burst of downvotes the story got.

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