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My Little Pony Movie News 09/03/2021 · 12:56pm Sep 3rd, 2021

This phrase pretty much says everything about today's post.

GOOD MORNING, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for the Generation 5 Movie and beyond! As you know, we are about three weeks away before the premier of the new 'My Little Pony' Generation 5 movie, which kicks off with... well, 'A New Generation' (As lazy as that sounds). Anyways... following my last blog involving an impromptu 'talk show' deal going over the lovely Miss Pipp Petals, we have received word involving some material that involves the 'Princess of Pop' to some degree. One of six songs slated to come out following the film's release is in full display, or at least a 'Lyric Video', but the overall tone of the piece itself pretty much sums up what we have to expect from this feature moving forward.

While I'm not one for doing 'music' reviews by any means, I am pleased to put together this article in light of one song that is currently at 16 thousand plus views and over a thousand k in likes (And... 31 dislikes from folks who just aren't into it). Our subject for today fillies and gentlecolts is Sofia Carson's rendition of 'Glowin' Up':

Now I'm not particularly picky when it comes to music (With a few exceptions), but I will admit that 'pop' music in general gets a bit of a mixed reaction with me. Sometimes there are songs I do enjoy, and then there are others... yeah it clearly appeals to the tween demographic.

I don't really listen to what's classified as "pop genre" music...

Moxxie... shut the fuck up!


*Clears throat* Anyways... this song pretty much confirms that yes indeed this is a Princess Pipp Petals song. And as we know, if there's one thing that this girl loves to do is sing before the masses who come just for her concerts. Add to the fact she's that 'one' mare who spends most of her time in social media through her cellphone... gee, I wonder who that reminds me of...

Oh, sit on a dick Dramamaster...

*Pause* Rude... *Straightens up* A few blogs ago I commented on a few possibilities as to how the songs are going to set themselves up come the film's release. Now that I truly take the time to consider the possibilities as to the 'core' of this song, if recently released vids of the movie are telling me something this is a song Pipp herself is slated to debut to the Pegasi kingdom for some concert where the royal family is invited to. A song that pretty much speaks about herself and supposedly inspiring her 'pipp-squeaks' to follow in her example and making a big show out of it. Course, if it's anything like the type of pop songs we expect in movies like this, we'd almost assume it's entertaining enough to combat with the likes of 'Trolls' and their over-reliance on pop culture references as opposed to any form of originality.

I... HATE... PONIES!!!

As you can also see from the video itself, it's really just a 'Lyric Video' featuring lines that viewers all over the world can sing to while the video itself plays on and on. And while most of the footage itself has elements from the trailer we've already seen, there are a few additional scenes within the video itself that gives us an idea as to what we're about to see. In no particular order:

- A brief shot of Deputy Sprout in what I can assume to be an office he shares with Hitch Trailblazer (As cocky and arrogant as we can expect)
- Sunny Starscout and her friends (Disguised as Pegasi) cheering, most likely celebrating a victory of sorts
- Pipp Petals flying around (Possibly the concert sequence)
- Zipp Storm, Pipp's sister, walking the red carpet amongst paparazzi (Acting as cool as ever)
- Izzy distracted by a butterfly while Sunny is talking
- Izzy staring through a telescope in curiosity
- A 'literal' close-up of Hitch Trailblazer (What is he looking in a mirror or something?)
- Sunny and friends around the campfire (Likely when Hitch joins in later)
- Sunny standing before an impressed Izzy & Zipp (Probably one of her motivational ideas to bring Equestria together)
- Sunny rescuing Izzy when a giant robot attacks (They're adding 'Transformers' now?)
- Sprout backing away from an excitable Izzy (So far just an animation effect for now)

That's literally the order of the scenes, old man...

I JUST TURNED 30 LAST WEEKEND!!! *Clears throat* Anyways, I may not be much of a Sofia Carson fan (Barely knowing of her contributions in Disney's 'Descendants' franchise, and even then I only 'just' started watching the movies when the third one came out). The song in that of itself is a standard pop music for kids that is all about 'coming together', even though I'm sure this is WAY before we can expect friendship between the three races to happen. But I will admit that this song does have it's own 'charm' if nothing entirely new to offer, yet it's got it's own cute moments, and I'm certain fans will have a lot of fun listening to this song and seeing the scene in which this takes place (Although probably a short version in the movie itself and the full length is reserved for the credits). I wouldn't go as far as to say, 'OH MY GOD! THIS IS THE GREATEST SONG I'VE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE!!!'...

Hey, that line's copyrighted! GIMME SOME CHANGE!!!


Ah come on, help a guy out will ya...

BEAT IT!!! *Clears throat* 'Without homeless people, I wouldn't have half the joy of life' he said...

You're welcome!!!

But now the big question remains: What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful viewers, this is the Dramamaster829... signing off!

*Ponders* Come to think of it... I wonder if fans will enjoy Pipp's songs more than Verosika Mayday's...

You are NOT funny...

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That...is...so adorable!!!!!

*Ponders* Come to think of it... I wonder if fans will enjoy Pipp's songs more than Verosika Mayday's...


Verosika: Kisses me and mind control me


Shakes my head to wear off the spell


Yep... apparently that's the name of the Princess's fanbase, sort of like all those other group of fans of today's most popular singing celebrities. It's no wonder she is such a social media icon. Probably the type who answers 'all' her messages from her fans.

Whelp! I know somebody who now has to treat the lady to dinner and pay the lengthy bill.

I'm still waiting on that Moxxie joke from ep 6 Well, we got more music at least

Yep... definitely more music. And not a bad tune to boot.

And for the record: I thought 'that' was the Moxxie joke.

I do actually like glowing up slighting more than Vacay to bonetown. Granted i am sorta a teen and do enjoy pop music. Ironic considering Moxie is my favourite helluva boss charecther. Wasn't expecting Chester to show up. (that dudes hilarious!) Bonus points if he does a review when the film comes out. Knowing Nostalgia Critic nowdays i wouldn't count on it tho :(

I'll admit 'Glowing Up' is a fun song. I can totally dance to this at a late night cosplay rave party. And I will admit I 'do' like pop music, but when I think 'pop' I don't think of today's standard of music. Despite the initial controversy surrounding this artist, I'll still listen to Michael Jackson's pop because they are so entertaining (Even though I can NEVER hit his notes).

For the Nostalgia Critic to even 'consider' reviewing the movie, 'New Generation' itself must be able to hold some 'nostalgic' value. That this was the movie that fans have grown with for years and has often been a subject of debate amongst the fan community. Whether or not this movie is going to be 'good' or 'bad' remains undertermined at this time, but depending on how 'first impressions' turn out at the very least the most reviews we can expect of this are from the BIG wigs of the MLP community.

DrWolf, Lightning Bliss, Silver Quill, Ink Rose, GoldenFox, Firebrand... or at least any bronies who are still active. Actually, few of my blogs were partly 'inspired' by some of the bronies whose reviews I still watch to this day. I'm nothing like those guys by any means, but I enjoy what I do in part because of them.

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