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Post-Hurricane · 8:59pm September 2nd

Ida came and went through my neck of the woods, and on a semi-related note, we have some people who could use some help: shallow15 just needs a little aid at the start of the month, but Sprocket Doggingsworth is dealing with some severe flooding. Give what you can, folks, even if that's more echoes.

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Are you alright where you are? And thanks for the heads up and all.

I'm getting pretty bad flooding as well in PA.


Thanks for boosting the signal!

(I'm fine myself, by the way; we had some heavy rain, but as far as I know no water damage from it.)

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oh damn D:

Double-check the tags. (And if you didn't know, blogs can have tags. :raritywink:)

Take care, FoME! Boosted Sprockets post along.

Glad you are okay!

Glad to hear you weathered it ok.

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