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New Story Up · 2:28pm September 2nd

TBrownie by Three
"I cut, you pick" is the time-honored rule for sharing treats. But what if a pony is sharing love with two others? When Maud brings one big brownie home to Trixie and Starlight, they have to figure that out.
Captain_Hairball · 1.1k words  ·  33  4 · 226 views

For the StarTrixMaud shipping contest. I've had a rough/long summer -- I feel like a lot of us have -- but I'm taking this moment to get back into writing fan fiction.

If you don't like the title, I also considered Brownie Three-Way, Three-Way Split, and (briefly but not briefly enough) Three Mares One Brownie. I think of those ideas I chose, at least, the least gross one. :rainbowwild:

Okay, I'm hiding from the site for a few hours, now.

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Author Interviewer

that was, indeed, the correct choice :B

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