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    Power, and What You Can Do Today

    Power is not a scary word. Evil is a scary word, but it’s because of decades of conditioning that has led to us associating power with evil, because power is always used against us. Power in the right hands is a force for good, but it must be in the hands of reliable and trustworthy people. So don’t wait for someone else to do it! Make yourself into a trustworthy person and exercise what power

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    A Momentous Occasion

    Well, one of many soon to occur. I passed my driver's exam!

    Because our state decided they would extend their lockdown rules a bit longer, I no longer have to take the multi-hour drive with the instructor beside me. Literally all I had to do was park forward, park backward, and do a three-point-turn, and a couple of turns and stops.

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    Choose You This Day

    A man was walking past three workers in a construction zone where a library was going to be built. He yelled over the noise, "What are you three men doing?"

    The first worker replied, "I'm drilling a hole."

    The second worker said, "I'm earning $20 an hour."

    The third worker smiled. "I am building a temple of learning."

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    Made a new friend today.

    He seems nice.

    I'm taking name suggestions.

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Mission Papers Have Arrived: Where and When Will I Go? · 11:42am September 1st

Yesterday, I received my missionary acceptance letter via email. The ball is now rolling.

I have been called to serve in the San Bernandino, California mission. Training from home begins on November 1, with me being transferred to the MTC in Utah the following Wednesday. So I've got a bit of time, but not forever.

Before, the mission was in the background, a very nebulous thing I was worrying about. I knew I would serve, but it just seemed so hazy and far away. Now that the goal is far more clear and defined, I have plenty of things to do to get ready.

Temperatures in San Bernandino, on average, go into the hundred and teens! The lowest it could possibly get is about 60 F. At least I know I won't have to pack snow boots and a parka and gloves and whatnot.

Comments ( 9 )

Well good luck handling that heat, be sure to stay hydrated. You don't want to get heat stroke.


I wish you luck Brady! I know it's gonna be a rather large adventure:raritywink:.

Thank you! When I come back, I most definitely will not be the same man who left.

That’s awesome! Congratulations! You know, I was going to serve a mission but them Covid hit, so I have to cancel my mission papers. Now I’m in Southern Virginia University and having a great time. I know you are going to do well on your mission.

Thank you so much! It means a lot to hear that encouragement. Where would you have liked to go?

I don’t know. I didn’t think of where I want to go because I know that the Lord would put me in a right place but I would like to stay somewhere in America.

👍🏻Congratulations, my friend.

With Cope Cooties going around, most missionaries typically stay in their home country. You very likely would have gone somewhere in America.

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