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State of the Writer, August 2021! · 7:18pm August 31st

How the fuckity fuck is it almost September already? D: Where'd this year go? Ugh.

That's kind of been my S.O.P. lately, wondering where time has gone. Maybe I'm in one of those midlife crises I hear so much about. :( I've certainly come down with old man problems just recently! The less said about those, the better for you! :D

But other than that, this has actually been a good month? I published Sweet Spinner Finds a Place to Crash, to no real fanfare, but I like how it came out. :) And on top of that, I've written not one but two SCPs, SCP-6068, which I mentioned previously, and SCP-6181, which went up just the other day. It's about the eternal struggle between isopods and salamanders. :B

And on that note, I've got no plans to do more ponyfic in the near future. My goal is to get 10 SCPs out in no particular time period other than "as soon as possible". It's been quite a few years since I was productive on the wiki, and I'm rather enjoying my return to it. :D I'll keep y'all updated, whether you want me to or not!

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Glad to hear you had a good month, homie.

Huh. TIL that you're on the Foundation. Neat!

Poor Doctor Hollenbach.

Author Interviewer

This comment reminds me I wanted to add in a line about there being no other casualties during that incident. He may have been turned into an isopod and trapped in a pond in Alaska, but he's a hero.


Also because I have no idea, what’s a SCP?

And also like Themaskedferret said, yay for writing! I didn’t do much pony stuff this month but I got some anthro stuff worked on.

SCP is short for "Secure, Contain, and Protect".
I'm not sure how it got started, it doesn't seem to be a book of any kind that I can find. It's basically a large collection of various (supernatural?) creatures/devices mostly in the same universe. (I say "mostly" because at least one anomaly crosses dimensions/universes) When a new one is "discovered" it's given a number, such as "SCP 47" or the like.
Check out YouTube. Search for SCP and look for something that looks like it was animated by the infographics show. They're usually pretty interesting.

Author Interviewer

The wiki started as a creepypasta posted to 4chan's /x/ board, which then spawned a whole bunch of imitators that eventually collected themselves into a writing community.

There have actually been a number of essays published recently about the Foundation's beginnings. This is the best one, but the interview with the Administrator is also enlightening, as are all the related "Interviewing Icons" articles.

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