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    If you are a fan of my work and want to help me? DM me and we can discuss terms and conditions.

    Please don't waste my time, I have no intention to waste yours

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Getting back into it and current situation · 11:52am Aug 31st, 2021

I wanna take some time on my days off to try and get some writing done but as usual could use some help. Pics of my favorite ship(s) and favorite characters tend to help the writing process along so if you have anything to share? Share it. Maybe I will have a spark of inspiration at some point during the day. I would like to hope so as I really wanna get back into writing stories for you all.

Sorry for the lack of communication, work has just been working me like a literal dog and by the time I get home? I am so exhausted and can barely hold my controller let along muster the muse to type anything. But that isn't to say I am not constantly thinking about things to write as I really do miss it.

If I had to say I had a set GOAL in mind? It's to have a single set of stories that all connect and form one larger story that people can enjoy. I mostly do shipping here so I want that story to be a romance however I am so TORN between which couple I want to truly focus on because I have SO many pairings I like.

Sunset x Sci-Twi

Sunset x Adagio

Adagio x Rarity

Pinkie x Sunset

Rarity x Applejack

Trixie x Starlight

Princess Twilight x Sunset AU(one where Sunset returns home and takes Celestia's place as princess of the day and Twilight becomes princess of the night)

And that's something else, I want to delve more into the MLP side of things too and do stories on the pony side with the princess and the others because that's where it all started after all however it's always hard for me to do sex scenes for that for reasons I can't really explain properly. Though I think a good work around for this would be to perhaps just make an entire AU that blends equestria and the human world together but that is a task I know for a fact would require more than just me. Crossovers are also something I want to try and dabble in some more but again, I need aid in order to stay focused because I tend to bounce around between ideas A LOT and very quickly, that's always been one of my blessings/curses. I always have an idea but sometimes if not often times I have too many ideas.

So that's the way things are currently. I do hope to truly get back into my writing soon, it's just taking a bit longer than I had hoped to get my muse back. It's there but it doesn't want to stay still long enough for me to truly grasp it and get to what it is I want which is a good story.

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Comments ( 12 )

Hey Midknight. Sorry to hear about the work situation being awful.

As for some inspiring images? Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but here are a few.


not sure how itd work but I bet you could totally pull off a Pinkie x Adagio story lol

I wanna do that! I have thought about that! I honestly just would need really good fanart of the two of them together to fully sell me on it because I do think Pinkie and Adagio would get along

Hm....you know I always had it in my head that if Pinkie and Adagio got together? She'd playfully refer to her as "Sugar" all the time. Dunno why lol

I really wish you'd finish some of the stories you started. So many great stories with a nice setting just hanging there in the wind. :pinkiesad2:

And trust me when I say I want to finish them. I really do. 😭

Dude, I know the feeling. I really do. It's just so much more fun to start new stuff, right? :twilightoops:

I would not be able to unhear Moxxi from borderlands lol it'd be to perfect now I really wanna see you attempt it...even if its a short one off

Not even that it's just hard finishing work without any help

It's always hard for me to do one offs but I can try

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