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A Closet Brony (except online *wink*) Also join the Realm of the Sun here: https://discord.gg/j7CUtJJrtn

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    I am your shield... I am your sword.

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Join the Empire today! · 5:09pm August 30th

Or to be more specific if you own Arma 3 and want to join a community of star wars and war crimes-loving nerds. Join the Imperial Black Legion today!

We also need more bronies in here.

I was the first and there are only two of us... unacceptable. WE NEED MORE PONIES!


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Private Vinter Wolf reporting for duty... Well as soon as I get electricity back in my home anyway :/

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz-9f_NcOsk the best imperial recruitment ad

you didnt get the better one with the actual vidio. still good but the animations are better

Connor are any of the arma dlcs required for the server?

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