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seeking mental health/medication advice · 2:41am August 30th

CW: moderate misuse of ADHD meds, the hornies

friends who are on ADHD meds or... consume meth on the regular, i guess(?), I seek help and advice.

without my ADHD meds I am a lazy unfocused extremely low energy tired hungry mess. mind you, some of these are withdrawal symptoms and go away after a few weeks but in general my ADHD meds help me focus and accomplish things and also stay awake during my night delivery job which I love.

however, my ADHD medication, especially if I take more than I'm prescribed because my life is a mess and I need an extra push, also makes me extremely horny, so often instead of getting things done I just masturbate for hours and then hate myself afterwards. obviously this is extremely self-destructive and a huge waste of time.

so my question is: do other people struggle with this and if so how do they deal with it? libido decreasing medication? willpower building exercises? friend accountability system? this has been one of my greatest flaws for literally like 15 years now and I f****** hate it. if I spent half the time I spent masturbating instead playing piano and bettering myself I'd be a radically better person. anyway yeah, hope you all can offer some advice that would be cool. love you all and have a great day.

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also I am seeing my psychiatrist via telemedicine on Tuesday but usually those appointments are only like 5 minutes but hopefully I can either have a longer one or schedule a longer one also have an inspirational comic


Maybe stop meth first?

Mate, I took prescribed dexamphetamines for years, and for years wished I didn’t need them and could get off them.

But at the same time “I needed them.”
Doctors who say those meds are not addictive or “not habit forming” are full of bullshit.

Yes, they gave a push, but unless I had that “amped up” push, I was fucking useless.
What finally got me off them was a hospital admission for an unrelated incident (bushfire burns). While in hospital and in the weeks as an out-patient, I was not in a place to take any meds. That is what weaned me off them.

A workmate in my former workplace also took them for about two years. He said that so long as they were in the house, he abused them. His script ran out, he moved state, he could no longer get them. And he said he was better off for it.

Psychiatrists will say that dex is part anti-depressant. They give a lift. But that artificial lift also means we don’t actually need to deal with shit on a real, personal, emotional, and grown-up level.

You need some way of destroying the meds.
When I was over my burns, what I did was fulfil the script at the chemist, then when I got home I flushed them down the toilet. As I had already received that script repeat, I couldn’t just go out and get more from the chemist.

As one with ADHD inattentive and a high libido, I think I know where you're coming from.
My first thing I want to say is thank you for accepting the assistance of your psychologist. Too many don't take this step.
On your appointment, ask about seeing a psychiatrist. This will help with emotional stuff.

Also during your appointment, tell your doctor EVERYTHING. Tell them everything you said here and everything you didn't say here. There are several different medications for ADHD and the more information your doctor has, the better they can theoretically find what will help you.

Now as far as being horny goes, this is an issue that is super tough. If it really only happens when you take your meds, then a change in your meds could be in order. But as far as side effects go, it's not the worst.

For managing the horns...you best bet is to stay in public. Can't play with things in public. And honestly,it's affected by EVERY aspect of your life: meds, ADHD, how much you sleep, who you're with, the time of day, how many times your evil twin from dimension25 farts in a day.

It's more of a management task and not so much a controlling task. I would need to know a bit more about habits/daily routine. You can PM me if you feel like going over it.

Your life would be much, much better if you stopped taking recreational drugs, ST. You can't stop because you're an addict. Your brain doesn't process delayed gratification. You want to be stimulated constantly and are unable to exercise restraint or even patience. I'd advise drug rehab even though most of those places are con jobs. You need help. This is clearly, obviously not something you can do by yourself.

I don't understand why you aren't on SSRI/SSNI meds. Those would cut your libido and help you deal with depression.

As somepony with lifelong ADHD who should have been treated for it decades ago, I can state with confidence that some of us do have a legitimate need for this medication and it is not always a crutch.

It's also been quite literally the only thing that helps with ME/CFS. I'm actually lucky I have ADHD, because there is no standard treatment for ME/CFS and I'd be in bad shape right now. I'm hoping the word gets out that this is something that may be able to help people suffering from this disease. Even taking them I need to crash twice a day for a few hours.

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