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    I was in a strange mood yesterday, forgive me for that.

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    Sorry about this, y'all.

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A Brief Break from Brief Histories · 3:56am August 29th

Went to start touching up my Brief History of West-Equestria before posting it.

Classic writer's mistake. Realizing that the depiction of the evolution of Equestria's Ministries needed to be better fleshed out, I went back and started working on the early history again, before realizing that some dates and times around 0 ALB didn't match, and that the tone vis-a-vis early contact between Princess Celestia and overseas nations was off. Before I knew it, my word document was all but gutted, with vast chunks of text relegated to the dreaded "notes" bin, and I have no idea how to proceed in a way that covers the important details and is concise enough.

That was five days ago, and i've since been unable to reconstruct it in a way I've been satisfied with. At this point, I think I probably should try and get my mind focused on other things instead of ramming my head in the wall over this.

The question is: should I try and write a short little something centered around this world I've got? or should i step back from it entirely and write something totally unrelated to clear my head before diving back in?


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I find distance can help when you get yourself in a rut or a case of second guessing your plans over and over. If you don't want to not write at all, maybe some prompts and quick microfics could help.

Wanderer D

Write a story about one of the dragon ladies. It doesn't have to be beer oriented. Just clear your mind before you return to this.

Clearing your head sounds like the way to go for this one. Take a step back and come back with a fresh perspective.

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