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please give me incredibly dumb short story prompts to help me power through this particularly nasty bout of depression I'm dealing with · 2:21am August 29th

don't worry I am by no means anything approaching a danger to myself or others I just have very little energy right now

anyway please share an incredibly stupid story ideas the stupider the better and I'll pick the ones that inspire me and write short stories and publish them as a miniature compilation or something I love you all so much

also go watch the owl house it's really good

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spike ingests a railroad spike and nothing happens to him for the next five hours except that he hallucinates about trains

mayor mare, except she is an international conglomerate that helped the nazis do war crimes but they're fine now i guess because you know its just, like, one of those things, and also she is called bayer mare

incelestia: celestia but she's an incel or something. i don't fucking know. somebody else write this fic

starlight and trixie want to f*ck in the castle of friendship so twilight goes to an all-you-can-eat salad bar to give them space and awit it out but she's clearly a bit annoyed about it so shes just kind of there eating a salad angrily

rarity has a pet cat but also wants to bone capper who is an anthro cat like how does that work? kinda fucked up imo, anyway thers prob a story there

or how about a story where the ponies say fuck and watch pornos and go to brothels or some shit? like who cares about canon depictions of society let's just import what we are used to in the modern liberal cosmopolitan west's version of the patriarchy because that is clearly what is natural for every culture and species! yeah!!!

okay so waht about, like, applejack, but if she were a sauce/

Autumn Blaze visits Ponyville and burns down half the town because Berry Punch drunkenly insults her mother.

twist: Twilight doesn't know what "fracking" means and is in for a surprise when she returns to her castle to find the basement flooded with natural gas

bigger twist: I'm more depressed than ST

biggest twist of all: derpicdn.net/img/view/2012/10/9/118016.png


kinda fucked up imo

still less awkward than Hasbro trying to figure what the fuck to do about dog!Spike's Rarity obsession

Anon goes to Equestria and becomes a black and red alicorn. Everyone loves him despite him being a cringy edge-lord. It of course ends in a massive orgy.

you made me chuckle so thank u

Rarity has actually been super ugly for the past decade, but all her friends were too nice to say anything.

I mean, like, hit every branch on the ugly tree, ugly.

Applejack teleports to the future and sees that the next generation lost all their magic because they aren't friends anymore. And she's just like, "what the fuck? You ruined all our hard work?"

Luna is pissed about something and makes all of Equestria piss themselves in their sleep.

Ponyville slowly gets pulled into a miniature black hole.

They don't notice.

Or, you know, just write anything featuring Woah Nelly :ajsmug:

Sun Settings: Celestia tries to get the hang of moving her newly-acquired sun, but all the different settings are confusing. The manual isn't much help, and nor is the 'help'.

Reduced: at the moment that Celestia and Luna transferred their magic to Twilight, their bodies reverted to the forms they used to be, before they ascended to alicorns: a unicorn and a pegasus respectively.
This unfortunately means they both turned into little fillies in the middle of the coronation.

...Yeah, sorry, I don't seem to have any ideas coming to me for you right now. Fortunately, though, looks like a number of other people have. Good luck!

I'm an endless well of stupid ideas.

What if the CMC stumbled into across a literal well of stupid ideas?

Anonymous is a piece of shit, but he suddenly gets amnesia and everyone likes him now.

Pinkie Pie has to dye her fur pink every day since all of her sisters and parents are grey and dull and she's secretly grayer than gravel.

Gold Digger is actually a really nice mare who runs a goldmine but everyone thinks she got her money from being a manipulative bitch.

Bright coats indicate that ponies are actually poisonous. Ones with dull coats are venomous. Octavia extracts her own hallucinogens and puts them in the drinks for her concert audiences.

The G1 MLP villain King Charlatan invades Equestria. That could also be a serious longer story, but making the readers take genocidal penguins seriously would be tricky enough that it's better off this way.

Celestia eats a slice of cake. It is her millionth slice of cake, so naturally it gets her with foal (that's how alicorns reproduce). She names the child Gurgitron. Gurgitron is a Super Saiyan Warrior, whose special talent (they get their cutie mark whilst still in the womb) is to vomit a nutrient-rich broth. The climax of the story is when it is discovered that the broth, when spread over the verdant fields surrounding Canterlot, acts as an extremely effective fertilizer (in more ways than one), promoting healthy crops, among other things. The moral of the story is that technological advancement can occur unexpectedly.

Pinkie Pie enters an endless labyrinth of utility hallways while searching for the mare’s room.

congrats on having the weirdest prompt

okay but only if I cross it over with the steely Dan song kid Charlemagne

What if Trixie accidentally turned herself into a bicycle when she first visited Ponyville and became the town bicycle instead because no one could figure out how to make another one like her and her seat was always warm and inviting.

but you just going for some straight existential horror aren't we

like that one ritsu Kudzu tragedy about like Trixie and some pony dying in a vacuum I think it's called like the Fault in Our Stars or some edgy title like that I don't remember I'm high

sounds like the recipe for a great Estee comedy

so basically just like a tardis or ascp sorry I'm using voice to text that should say s c p

damn she be wildin in Petty AF

see at some point I got to head cannon that the reason she can't do modeling but Fluttershy can is because Rarity is very pretty but also very much like Compact and squat and Fluttershy is very lankky it's a headcanon that I'm sticking to

More of the SCP backrooms or the house’s basement.

someday I will find the actual physical copy of House of leaves I bought and some day I will read it

and other lies I tell myself, vol. 16

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