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  • 64 weeks
    A special day.

    First joined June 21, 2020.

    Almost eight days ago marks two years since I've been on this site. I've seen some remarkable things happen, some drama here and there, the great Fimfiction shut down~

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  • 68 weeks
    Where I have been, and updates.

    It's been quite some time, and it's time I've explained myself.

    To my new followers, I've been gone for quite some time, and I've just came back from the long silence.

    To the rest, I've been caught up in the flow of life, with me trying to keep up with high school as a freshman.

    I tried my best to try and log back in to fimfiction, but I just haven't found the time.

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    What's new?

    What's new with you all I guess? Just ya know, keeping up with my followers.

    ~No name 13

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    Should I continue to update New day, same life?

    After all, it is what you all want.

    So yeh, should I? And if so, why?

    Or if not, then why?


    ~No name 13

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  • 107 weeks
    I'm fine.

    [Adult story embed hidden]

    And so is Surn. :)

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New story soon! · 4:27pm Aug 26th, 2021

...And an explanation on why I was away for so long.

Life. It got in the way of so many things, and didn't even think I was even in a good mental state.

The past few months have been really terrible for me, and it's mainly been because of my mood swings.

You could say I am doing a bit better, so expect some more stories soon, hopefully before school starts on the 29th.

~No name 13

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It's ok, No name. We get it. :heart:

It's okay. We understand.

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