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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • Today
    You are in Equestria

    Butt it's a typical Bendyfic one.

    What would you do? Would you reject big ponies and want normal-sized ponies? Tell them to knock off the growth?

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  • Saturday
    Pineapple on pizza is heresy

    Does anyone else agree? I find it to be heresy when someone puts pineapple on pizza.

    I feel like we need an epic pony story that deals with this conflict. Maybe, G5 happened in Equestria when somepony put pineapple on pizza which opened pandora's box?

    32 comments · 104 views
  • 6 days
    Where would be the safest place in Equestria be?

    I'm thinking some random town in the middle of nowhere. Just stay away from Canterlot and Ponyville, get a simple job and marry some redneck pony, and you'll be fine. You will be able to avoid most of the crazy shenanigans that happen in the show. If you see the Mane Six, just run out of town for a while, then come back.

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  • 1 week
    G5 Human in Equestria

    I waited... and I waited... but nobody made this group. So, here's a G5 Human in Equestria group. Even thousands of years from now ponies cannot escape the loving touch of human hands.


    3 comments · 55 views
  • 1 week
    How heavy would a Pony be to lift?

    Let's take Rarity for example, an average sized pony. Could a human gentleman carry her up a staircase as a newly wedded bride? Or would said human need to be a buff tank to lift her?

    Now... if the pony is Princess Celestia.... forget about it. Too much cake for most men. The human lifting her would need to be someone like Eddie Hall to lift that big mama horse.

    23 comments · 110 views

If Twilight became an alicorn early? · 7:38am August 25th

Let's say during season 1, or a canon-like universe, after the events of Winter Wrap Up or something, a strong handsome human in his early 20s helped clean up the town alongside the ponies. Later, unicorn Twilight and a human have a night of passion together. A pair of wings appear on Twilight's back after making love to her. Twilight is now an immortal alicorn.

What would everyone's reaction be? How would Twilight react herself? Would more ponies want to become alicorns from the human's love?

Comments ( 12 )

Hah.... Your ideas never cease to amaze me xD

Well, Twilight can skip a bunch of annoying friendship lessons. All she needs is a handsome human to make love to her to make her an alicorn.

I could see a whole slew of mares and stallions pursuing our boy in the hopes that rutting a human causes them to become an alicorn. Maybe the yaks threaten war unless "Magic hairless ape turns yak into magical winged, horned pony yaks too!", maybe the griffons, hippogriffs, kirins, minotaurs and changelings all demand that the ponies allow the "Hairless ape breed them too!". Our boy can't travel the length and breadth of the land without getting mobbed by males and females all wanting him to breed them into an alicorn.

On the plus side, he'll become very rich. They will probably shower him with money.

Twilight may ask him to make love to her friends and family. Including Shining Armor, and her father. He would have to swallow his pride and do the deed, even if he wasn't gay. Or bisexual in this case. XD

maybe it's a coincidence and everyone just assumes he's holding out on the magic power til he's been satisfied enough to make more alicorns like he did with twilight

Or maybe he can only turn a pony into an alicorn if he's truly in love with them?

wonder if his magic to make alicorns is just tied to one, so he falls out of love with twilight and she suddenly becomes a unicorn again while someone like Gilda gets a horn and grows thiccer

maybe anon can't stop falling in and out of love every few minutes and causes chaos?

Well. maybe not Anon. Perhaps a named human.

Well, I don't see anyone could not love Twiy anymore. Bookhorse forever.

I rather there be drama around it. He gets Twi's permission to fuck another pony, but the new pony doesn't become an alicorn. He can turn another pony into an alicorn, but only very few. Like ponies close to Twilight and him, let's say Pinkie Pie for example.

Wait what is the difference between a griffin and a hippogriff. Apparently a hippogriff is born out of the Union of a male..oh wait I answered my own question.

Hippogriffs have eagle and pony traits.

Griffons are actual mythological creatures. Hippogriffs started out as a joke, with "when griffons lie with horses" being equivalent to "when pigs fly" due to their predator-prey relationship... although I guess it's closer to "when Duke Nukem Forever comes out" now that hardly anybody remembers that (hippogriffs being a joke, or Duke Nukem Forever? Obviously the first, but the second is still true).

According to Google they happened during the conception of a male griffin and a filly? It isn’t mythological though at least not mentioned during Greek or Roman mythos?

Anyway, what’s important is the fact that hippogriffs are in the show which proves that unrelated species bang canonically in that universe. Not only that, but they banged so much they created a whole society of these hybrid, tribrid?, creatures. What’s next? We’ll have a dragon/horse hybrid claiming to be the god of chaos?

The filthy heathens.

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