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New car! · 8:29pm August 24th

I got a new car!

Read on for details…

I’ll start from the beginning: My previous car.

Back in 2006, my parents purchased a 2005 Honda Accord sedan—4-cylinder engine and automatic transmission, if you’re curious—to serve as our main family transport. When I got my learner’s permit, I learned to drive with that car (and the ones owned by the driving school I attended). By then, my folks had purchased their own personal cars, and when I finally got my driver’s license, the Accord became my personal ride.

Around 2015, the Accord was damaged by a tree falling on it, though because another car took the brunt of it, the Honda only suffered a dented roof (no frame damage, thankfully) and destroyed rear windshield.

The accident has proven to have left scars, however, as since some of the dashboard lights have dimmed and mold has been growing in the interior. It was determined to be caused by moisture getting in, and fixing that plus getting rid of the mold costs much more than my parents are willing to spend to maintain a car that’s a decade-and-a-half old. Currently, we still have the Accord because we’re waiting on a new title (we lost the original one) so we can sell it.

So, we got a replacement. It is (*drumroll*)…

…a 2017 Mazda6. It’s dark blue, middle trim level, automatic. I drove it for the first time yesterday, and before that, our family used it for a short road trip. Even with only about 20 minutes of time behind the wheel, I can already notice differences between it and the Accord.

There’s a bit less driver space, but there’s still enough room for me to be comfortable. I’ve ridden in the front and back, and there’s enough space for adults to be comfortable. The steering is different, though I currently can’t find the words to describe the difference.

What I can accurately describe, though, are the throttle and brakes; they both have a gentler tip-in. Don’t get me wrong, our Accord isn’t hard to drive smoothly, but I feel that the 6’s gentler throttle and brake responses will make learning to drive easier for my little brother. The ride is comfortable (definitely more than our Mini Countryman) and it’s reasonably quiet inside.

Although some of the gadgets and features will take some getting used to, it’s an overall nice car that I’m very happy with.

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