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man of few words depends on subject and love crossover stories

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    stop all cyber bullying its also a warning to all users who do it to others we end up with victims' like lion star with depressing thoughts so please stop it and if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all I made this blog because of a blog done by lion star called my life

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stop · 11:00am Aug 24th, 2021

stop all cyber bullying its also a warning to all users who do it to others we end up with victims' like lion star with depressing thoughts so please stop it and if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all I made this blog because of a blog done by lion star called my life

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Well spoken, brother!

thank you friend good message to reflect

your welcome it was because of Light Right that I wort it

Comment posted by Crimmar deleted Sep 15th, 2021
Comment posted by zachary12 deleted Sep 15th, 2021

crimmar I am the brother of lion star please leave her alone in real life she is being bothered here is already a lot please leave her alone

Alright. Prove it.

There was claim that she had been attacked by her boyfriend viciously enough that she got sent into a coma, not to mention claims by others 'in the know' that said boyfriend got sent to prison and got killed in there. All I want is simply a news article showcasing the attack and of the correct location and date.

What I don't want to see is further stupid claims of "oh, this happens so OFTEN here," or "news got suppressed," or "the family didn't want the news out." You either prove the truth of your extraordinary claims with the most simple of proofs, or you and your thousand alts can fuck off as I continue pointing out the emotional abuse and exploitation you commit upon other users here for the sake of your ego to everyone.

There is no brother, mate. It's all the same user, just different accounts.

I would appreciate NOT deleting my comments, cause I'm sure you don't want to get implicated in suppressing the truth about attention seekers when the whole thing blows. Choose transparency, mate, not censoring. Also, screenshots exist.

please are not the same user, 2) star's father wanted no one to know what happened he used his power as a policeman to be able to keep it private star's father was very overprotective with star because she was an only daughter

I'm not there's a twin who knows the story stars father did not want the story out as a policeman he is overprotective about his daughter ok

See how good I am, I knew what you'd say to cover your ass before you did so.

Yeah, sure, Commissioner Gordon got the press suppressed, sure, but somehow managed nobody to learn what happened but to get a guy in prison in a speed-trial and no one blinked. Thus is life in Gotham City. How much of a moron do you think I am?

And according to this shit of a cover you put up, the powerful policeman is fine with his kids spilling everything on a fanfiction site? Or the powerful policeman is somehow no deterrent to people assaulting and bullying his daughter?

No, you impotent attention-seeking fuck. I called your excuse on the previous post. There was no assault. There is no policeman father. There is no bullying, and there is no multi-abandoned orphan who somehow still has their twin around and is getting attacked by half a nation according ot them. There is just a sick fuck getting off by people pitying their imagined persona.

You moron.

his name is Santiago

have star's police father died 2) please we found out 1 month ago that we were twins 3) look I don't know what you're talking about it's gotham city I have no idea but I know it's real what happened to star please a minimum of respect

Of course you did one month ago. One month ago she got bullied. One month ago she got attacked. One month ago she got sent into a coma. One month ago she found she had a twin. One month ago she woke from a coma. One month ago you claimed to others she died. One month ago she got a new boyfriend. One month ago she tried to kill herself. One month ago she got into a car accident. One month ago she cheated on her boyfriend. One month ago the police father died.

All one month ago. Because drama needs bigger, better drama. More attention, more, more, MORE. So it all comes in day after day, too enamored by the praise and attention to even think of drawing it out and making it more believable.

Fuck. Off.

You know what? Okay. Send me the news article of the father's death. Or the news article of the boyfriend who got killed in jail! How about either of them?

Just know, honey, that I am going to check the sources and cross-validate. I'm not a moron like you.

So let's see. You got the opportunity to shut me up. It's super easy. Go ahead!

They're just making stuff up, mate. Don't you notice how everything that could prove their tale is more secret than CIA documents? That's because it's a super easy way to not have to prove anything.

They're lying to you and taking advantage of you.

they are not langrage

They are/is. The other guy LITERALLY changed his comments and deleted mine in order to change his story when he realized the date on the article he linked was wrong. That's the DEFINITION of lying.

look idiot what happens to star is her problem and those who do have common sense to listen and give support not to criticize and say nonsense, how you annoyed princeofdarkness you have something better to do than bother

It bothers me that they bother star, maybe she fucked her yesterday but it was because she was angry because I was unfaithful to her star has never been unfaithful

you zachary are bright smart and good friend

Look at this guy, complimenting himself! :rainbowlaugh:

I was congratulating Zachary

welcome you are a good friend but I don't let anyone mess with my sister because she is sensitive and I am protective of her as brother and friend

its ok but crimmar is a problem

Crimmar doesn't take impossible claims at face value, especially when one of the actors certifiably lied to him once, and they ignore any chance to prove themselves.

Remember, there are like THREE ways they can prove it's the truth just by linking something. But they can't and they won't because there is no such link and it's all lies.

This kind of thing is super fucked and a mockery, and it only serves to desensitize people and attract attention away from people who might be facing real issues but their stories are not as blown out as these fictional tales. Not that it matters to Lion Star and her cavalcade of alts, because all that matters is that SHE gets the attention. Fuck whoever is in real trouble, huh?

1) I'm NOT someone else's alt, it's me
2) sorry for everything that bothers you
3) leave my sister alone
4) IF it is necessary for me to do so, I become overprotective

If you care for your 'sister' so much, if you're so 'overprotective' then why not give me a simple piece of evidence, a simple link that proves anything? One that proves the attack, one that proves the OP policeman's death, one that proves the boyfriend's death in prison? Any of those.

Or is the family able to commit a total news blackout because they got more sway than Bill Gates apparently does?

Now if you don't give me some proof? Oh, boy. You will find your attempts at attention seeking quite hampered. Because, you see, mr. Crimmar and liars don't mix well. One measly link, and you can't because it's all lies.

See you around, sweetheart. :rainbowkiss:

IF it is necessary for me to do so, I become overprotective

We have a saying in Greece in response to such cringe. It's "Θα μου κλάσεις τα αρχίδια."

leave him alone before i report you

Leave him alone? What did I do? Ask for evidence of the ridiculousness he claims? Or that I am speaking out about the lies that I witnessed first hand? What exactly is the subject going to be on your report? "Crimmar doesn't believe everything these guys for no reason, please ban him?"

Do you really find wanting truth to be an offense? Is this the kind of person that you are?

Oh, do report me about this. Mention WHO I am "not leaving alone," as well. All of them. I bet they'd love to get their accounts examined a bit more carefully from the site mods.

this blog isn't for attacking authors its for stopping bullies from attacking each other and to stop the bulling on one user you read the blog you should know i already had to get someone banned light right


Dude. Back down. This ain't how ya do it.

Would it hurt to give him what he's looking for, if it really does exist?

I wanna believe. I do. But I didn't see what happened between Crimmar and Storm that one time he's talking about, so anything could have happened. We don't have the luxury of getting defensive here.

him being shy doesn't help and its against the rules what Crimmar doesn't know that and having alt accounts to

I... barely understood that... :rainbowhuh:

And yes, Crimmar's not helping, but like I said, if any of them can cough up something definitive, it would get him out of the way.

its just not that stallion's farther was overprotective look at her my life blog and you'll see before he died he had to throw an abusive boy friend in jail who beat her in to a coma then add 6) when I was in the hospital I tried to kill myself I jumped out of a window on the second floor of the hospital 2 times, three and a half bottles of painkillers that caused me health problems, such as cysts and tumors.8) they bother me at school.9) comet is my biological brother and my twin, I live with him and his parents Hello, I wanted to thank you all for your support and friendship, I am still hospitalized and if I have suffered many seizures and epilepsies the doctors say that I must leave the hospital in a week or two, everything went well with the liver transplant and a blood transfer , thanks for the help to block the dragon that will be in prison for 40 years.

thanks to you also to princess enchante dream, Moonriseoversunset, Princeofdarkness, who are my fellow writers, friends and most important brothers and my brother comet lionstar went through all that I've copied from my life now do you understand?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my life blog by lionstar

That's still word of mouth. It's not enough to prove those events actually happened.

I wanna give them the benefit of the doubt, but this shouldn't be so difficult.

try to understand overprotective farther before he died police officer wanted nothing to get out and somehow it did

What about Officer Daddy's obituary?
Even if he somehow was able to suppress the boyfriend's death in prison, that should still be public.


Yes, star also will not be able to join because he is my dance partner

please stop with what you want find out your stressing her brother out and Crimmar aren't helping matters ok the was a police officer. Today he was in police persecution when he jumped a curve and because of the speed his car came His car turned around and he was hospitalized, but he didn't survive because of all the blood he lost ok get it Eurvos Morgenbrise they just dont want to talk about it

Odd that they get stressed out when asked to provide something to actually verify their stories, but telling the stories themselves is A-OK. Just saying, it's suspicious. I won't say Crimmar went about it the right way, but...

Also wait, this was today? I thought this was a month ago...

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