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I am a big fan of Starlight Glimmer most of my stories center around her. I do crossovers as well.

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    Starlight is better written than Tempest in my opinion

    I’m not going to make a lot of friends with this, but I think Starlight is a lot better written than Tempest is and I know it sounds unfair to compare a character who’s been around for four seasons to someone who made one movie appearance but since there is some debate out there with Tempest being seen as better written, I have no choice but to believe this is something that can be compared.

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    Animated Atrocities #5: All Bottled Up

    Animated Atrocities #5: All Bottled Up

    I’ve been meaning to cover a StarTrix episode for quite some time now to show why I can’t ship them. I just couldn’t find a good stinker. Road To Friendship and Student Counsel were good episodes, To Change A Changeling was mainly focusing on four leads, and so it came down to this or Horse Shoe In, and ultimately this one was worse.

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    Animated Atrocities #3: Basic Straining(Total Drama Island)

    I know people love this episode, but this is going to be a major unpopular opinion because I really don’t like it that much. And it all boils down to one simple factor, Duncan is a majorly unsympathetic prick and he’s the leading role today. Oh what joy./s

    So let’s begin the episode shall we?

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    Animated Atrocities #2: Timmy’s Secret Wish(Fairly OddParents)

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    Animated Atrocities #1: A Matter Of Principals(MLP)

    Animated Atrocities #1: A Matter Of Principals(MLP:FIM)

    I noticed a certain trend in seasons eight and nine with Starlight in MLP. It’s not as bad as something like SpongeBob where they torment Squidward or the arbitrary ways the fairies lose their wands in the Fairly OddParents but it’s still a concern to me. Today, we’re going to go over the catalyst of this trend. A Matter Of Principals.

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A Canterlot Wedding Analysis Part 1 · 3:26am Aug 24th, 2021

Welcome to my analysis of A Canterlot Wedding Part 1 out of 2, I know a lot of people have talked about it but I want to get some stuff off my chest about it.

This episode starts off with Spike giving a letter to Twilight and her friends about a wedding between Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and (gasp) Twilight’s brother Shining Armor.

While the rest of Twilight’s friends are happy about this because they get to see royalty which is uncharacteristically shallow of them, Twilight is naturally pissed off that her brother didn’t tell her about having a mare-friend or about the wedding sooner, to be fair when Twilight and her friends do arrive to Canterlot and Shining Armor is confronted on this, he does take responsibility and does have a reason for it.

Apparently a threat has been made against Canterlot which is kinda stupid to do for reasons you’ll see later but Shining Armor must keep the city safe by using a forcefield. Kinda questioning why he chose to have a wedding at that time though. Shining Armor then reveals his bride shall be Princess Cadence, who is Twilight’s old foalsitter. I guess Shining Armor was right to assume that Twilight would be happy about this but apparently Cadence is rude and bossy to Twilight and her friends which Twilight does not approve. She tries to let her friends know that she’s a bad wife for Shining Armor, but they don’t believe her because of “wedding stress”. Maybe I can excuse that but I see why Twilight is concerned.

Soon Twilight sees Cadence putting a spell on Shining Armor, Twilight comes to the conclusion that she is evil and for actually understandable reasons and I applaud the episode for doing that but here’s the flaw it’s what happens next that ticks me off.

Twilight accuses Cadence of being evil and Cadence runs off in tears. Shining Armor defends Cadence by using wedding stress as an excuse and that the spell wasn’t a mind control spell on her it was a healing spell due to his migraines. He then says that Twilight should not be his best mare or come to the wedding at all. Well that’s a bit harsh but I will defend Shining Armor as he was angry and had a headache, Twilight’s friends do not get that luxury, they outright leave her when she’s clearly remorseful for what she did, those looks that they give her are so mean spirited as well. While this doesn’t tick me off as many others. It still bothers me. Do I think Twilight should cut off her friends, Shining Armor, and Celestia from her life, absolutely not but I still believe the scene could’ve been handled better if Applejack said “Let’s give Twilight time to think.” And didn’t give her those dirty looks like she’s the spawn of Tirek then maybe I wouldn’t have a problem with this but as it is it is very annoying to sit through.

Soon Cadence comes back and Twilight apologizes and soon Cadence traps Twilight underground and the first part of the episode ends. As does this analysis for now of course, join me next time where I analyze part two.

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Thanks What was your favorite part?

I also gotta get something off my chest, too. EVERYBODY IN THE FANDOM NEEDS TO GROW THE F*CK UP! We have seen villains attempt treason, enslaved kingdoms, make cults, etc. But the heroes not believing someone is where we draw the line? I’ll admit just like everyone else I was upset, but not to the extent as others. Come on, mlp fandom. We gotta be better.

I wasn’t as upset as others either, don’t worry I was just pointing things out. Also the villains don’t piss me off as much since well they’re villains.

I understand that, but I feel like people have too high expectations for heroes while also having low expectations for the villains.

Nice analyst. I agree with a lot of what you've said. I must say this though, as much as I enjoyed that 2 part episode, the part that bugged me the most was that when Twilight called "Cadance" out on being evil and her brother and friends left her, Spike of all characters left her.

When it comes to Spike and Twilight's relationship, I feel that Spike would be the one to stand by her through all of her issues. He's been around her all of his life and he knows full well that Twilight has episodes and there are times when Spike will try to talk some sense into her and would even try to hear her out. Instead Spike just walks out the room with the girls. If anything, Spike would have tried talking to Twilight before "Cadance" came back into the room and imprison them both. Then we would have a scene of Spike saying that Twilight was right and then enters the real Princess Cadance and the story continues.


We get to the same conclusion, but Spike stayed in his role by standing by Twilight.

And considering as the element bearers they get to see royalty more than anyone except those in the palace. Celestia doesn't get out very often and I'm not sure why fluttershy who isn't a vet decided that treating what appeared to be a sick Phoenix herself instead Taking it to a vet was dumb. What does she even do for a living.?

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