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My mind is an open book. Unfortunately, it's written in a language nobody can comprehend, and some of the pages stick together.

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  • Wednesday
    Meet the OCs (repost)

    I found these on my 30 gig and decided to post them again. I know I have a habit of deleting my blog posts, but I'll keep this one up since some of my readers really seem to like these two characters. Winter Lilac and Dr. Patches soon to come.

    Art by the always lovely Queen Boo.

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  • Saturday
    Please refrain from buying me gifts

    I've been sitting at my computer for nearly an hour now trying to figure out how to word this. I really don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, and I'm hesitant to come off as an ingrate, but please don't send me gifts. Yesterday, somebody whose name on Steam matching the name of a person who follows me on Fanfiction.net decided to gift me almost a hundred dollars American in items from my Steam

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  • 6 days
    Post your favorite AMV

    My contribution

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  • 1 week
    Comrades, it just works!

    "Okay, this time for sure." -idiots-

    "Okay, this time for sure, for serious this time." -idiots-

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  • 2 weeks
    Metroid Dread is a fine wine

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What did commies use before candles? · 10:52pm August 21st


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The USSR's rapid industrialization in the 30s would like a word with you.

In which there were plenty of resources and power to go around, I might add 👌

Makes me wonder why the traffic over the iron curtain flowed predominantly westward.

They neglected to mention his anti semitic tendencies and the widespread cannibalism his famine caused when he liquidated the farmlands into collectives and exterminated the Kulaks who previously owned them. It was one of the worst man made famines in human history until Mao raised the bar with his Great Leap Forward. Ain't collectivism grand?

Burning a flag of the USA: Seen as the next liberal hero

Burning a flag of the CCP: House raided and forced into 're-education camps'

The victims of the Holodomor would like a word with you.

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