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    General Update January 2022 + New Art

    I'll make this quick and get right to it:

    As I told Ausbrony, there wasn't enough art of his OC, Midnight Song... so I decided to take that into my own hands:

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    General Update | December 2021

    Heyyyy yallll!

    So to preface, not much has gotten done this month so far lol. General festivities, Holiday Ops on World of Tanks, general Hunt Showdown Shenanigans, and Halo Infinite campaign (which I finished last night. Best campaign since Halo 2 imho) have taken up most of my days recently lol, on top of work.

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    So with the release of the first bonus chapter last week, the second and final bonus chapter was on my mind. I had a couple of options in my head as to what I wanted this to be.

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    Schnee Propaganda Art Base

    Had an idea of Schnee posing for a war propaganda piece looking cute yet fierce. Well, my friend Bunnysharks had just the style I was looking for, so a massive thanks to her for this one! If you like her style, definitely check her out with the link in her name!

    "Take everything from them!
    Alemaneia will not heel!

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    MBF,S - First Bonus Chapter This Coming Weekend

    Hey y'all,

    Happy to report that I only have one more thing to really do for this chapter, so it'll be FINALLY ready for a general release this coming weekend (between the 19th and 21st). Hard to believe the story's been over since fucking February, goddamn.

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Part 5 this weekend · 7:32pm Aug 20th, 2021

Oh yeah, it's all coming together. Putting the bows on it tonight!

Get hype, fuggers! If... if you want to, that is...

Report Flammenwerfer · 364 views · Story: Metroid: Ghosts of Harmony ·
Comments ( 20 )
Comment posted by Thelumpmeister deleted Aug 20th, 2021

Phazon and/or X huh...

Tell me, how attached are you to your planet?
Because I'd advise a planetwide Glassing.

This creature in a picture you posted is like an abomination against nature. I love it!

this looks like something from my sleep paralysis demons ngl

Well then. I know what I'm seeing in my nightmares tonight. o.o;

I recommend shoving a massive engine onto a nearby moon and sending said moon into the planet. Far more effective and less time consuming than glassing it bit by bit.

You say bit by bit, but I know a guy from the Adeptus Mecanicus.

He owes me one. So you choose:

Typhoon Bomb, Orbital Strike, or Warp Storm?

Whoa, sick!
Now I’m really considering reading this newer story of yours soon.

Oooh, tough choice. A warp storm is no good, creates even more monsters to deal with usually. Do you mean a cyclonic torpedo btw? Because that's definitely what I would use to make sure it's a one and done. Not really any mention of a typhoon bomb in 40K Warhammer that I am aware of.

I did mean a cyclonic torpedo, yes.

But if you want, I have the contact infos for another friend; a certain Mendicant Bias. He's in charge of a very deadly facility.

...Though I haven't heard from him in a while...

Yeahhhh, about that. That is a beyond overkill because it kills everything. And your buddy went batshit crazy apparently and took the side of a species of parasites that want to devour all sentient life in the galaxy.

Aww Dogdamnit not again...

Also, phazon. It's overkill or Reapers.

No kill like overkill.

See, you get it.

Plus, do you really wanna underkill one of those?

Oh hell no. I don't want a DBZ Cell resurrecting from a single molecule bs happening.

Well there you go.

Oh hey, warn me when you wanna fire it, it's done charging.
Unit Guilty Spark said there were some proximity alerts that had been tripped but I'm sure it's nothing major.

XD Yeah, Imma just call up my AI buddy to double check that.

A. Gravemind. On the Ark.

Ya know what? Fuck it. Samus can do it herself Slaanesh damn them all, I give up.

Yeah I'll leave that one to the Master Chief because fuuuuuck that.

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