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Chapter 58, 59 ,60 are up, and a bit about raiders. · 2:14pm August 20th

So progression on the new story is going well, though I know a bunch of rewrites is due once I go back and check on the chapters. currently have a spooky horror chapter, and plan on a rest chapter before going super dark.

Onto the topic in the image, raiders, or what exactly gets a person the label of a raider.

I think that on the base level, raiders are individuals who cannot survive without taking from others, such as the White Feet from Fallout: NV, Honest Hearts. Not always violent, but always a problem. How groups like ganggers and bandits differ from this is that bandits are actual striate up thieves and smugglers that leave outside settlements, keeping a low profile, Where ganggers are like bandits, but inside settlements and are very open about who they are. both can live without needing to take from others.

As for the raiders, other then their inability to be self sustaining, I also see them having stages, with each stage worse then the last.

-Stage one would be your lazy highway man asshole who takes over trad routs and force others to give them stuff. Can be murderous, but often too lazy to push any deal if it seems not worth it. They will try to look scary, but it's mostly all talk, that said, if your an average wastelander, they will feel confedent enough to push you around to get what they want.

-Stage two is when they actively make demands and threat on Settlements, again can be murderous, but often too lazy to push any deal if it seems not worth it. the difference is that their coming to you, and likely up the intimidation, as they have enough confidences to act the crazy part.

-Stage three is active violence, and this is were things get out of control fast. kidnapping and beatings, a line is crossed from playing the part to being an active raider. once blood is spilled, it sadly becomes easier for some, and they will push others into violence's as well. though they will not attack on sight, they will seek to make an example of anyone that gives them trouble. Most raiders are here, including the Shatter Hoof Raiders from Fo:E, though for them, they lived in a Redeye territorial zone, and likely had slavers as their main target, not innocents ponies, normally.

-Stage four is where the name Raider comes from, as this is the stage where they will actively come after caravans and settlements, not just demand tribute. this is the stage where heavy chem use is common, and a loss of their connection to reality starts. Though not completely gone, they will attack most ponies not seen as part of their group, or a pony their okay with. This stage is common among Chem Fiends and Tribals, and clans, where they have a them vs. us mentality.

-Stage five is the nightmare stage, and the end stage for raiders. To me this is were canablisim sets in and utter madness. most raider groups that fall into stage 5 last only for a few years before burning out or being wiped out, but can do a massive amount of damage to the surrounding area before that happens. Here the still sane raiders will eventually brake off into their own band, leaving the main group to rampage, further spreading the raider problem. Those caught by such raiders suffer a fait worse then death, and can be driven mad by them if they were already going raider.

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Your take on raiders is a perfect sum up for me what the difference between a thief, bandit, ganger, and full-on raider is.

Stage 1 is just a common thief
stage 2 is a bandit
stage 3 and 4 is a complete gang member/tribal/warband
Stage 5 is Fallout 3 raiders full

ya, with raider being a catch all, or short had for saying that their going down the path of a raider.

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