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Son of Shirt(less) · 6:12am Aug 19th, 2021

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Like I said in Discord: it's always hot when your lover wakes up wearing your clothes.

yeah, my stuff can be a bit warm.

Tee hee. I see what you did there. :derpytongue2:

tfw no dommy mommy

Comment posted by nlinzer deleted Aug 19th, 2021

Is it gonna get updated? This one or the flash sissy story?

Comment posted by nlinzer deleted Aug 19th, 2021

I'm sure you can still imagine that if that's your thing, but I'm not sure why you would mention child rape on an ambiguous PG image if it isn't on your mind to begin with.

Also, sleeping with the principal after you turn 18 isn't significantly better. It's still grooming and abuse, isn't it? Or is it just the number that matters to you? I'm morbidly curious.

Comment posted by nlinzer deleted Aug 19th, 2021


far too often people see boys as wanting the sex ... So I'm always on the lookout for people dismissing child rape

Sir, this is a Wendy's.

This is a blog post with a PG-rated picture and no text or agenda whatsoever except what you are projecting onto it, especially considering the content you're accusing SS&E of posting—and you very well know this is true because you talk about it so much—would have to violate both Fimfiction and Derpibooru rules.

An innocuous blog entry that clearly is not intended as a statement in favor of child rape is not the place to stand on a soapbox and talk about child rape, and it's especially inappropriate to suggest that a well-respected and well-established author here may be promoting child rape when you already know for a fact he is not.

Comment posted by nlinzer deleted Aug 19th, 2021

I just want to say I am so sorry and I was wrong. I'm really sorry. I know thats not enough but I'm not sure what else to do.

gott damb

It's okay. I apologize for being overly aggressive. I get annoyed by the constant false accusations and bullying I see targeting friends across the political and social spectrum on this website.

I understand that the issue is important to you and probably difficult not to bring up, and I assume you weren't trying to harass SS&E.

Thank you, I wasn't but its ok I was in the wrong. Still thank you

I hope he'll be wearing more of Celestia's things in the future. :3

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