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My Little Pony Movie News 08/18/2021 · 12:09am Aug 19th, 2021

Oh, oh, oh, woke up today! Ready to put on a show for you...

Okay, okay... let's get some 'real' music going!

GOOOOOOOOD EVENING, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; Critic, Actor, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Occasional Singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for the Generation 5 Movie and beyond! I was clocking out of work earlier today when I heard the news that the new 'MLP' movie will feature 'five' tunes made specifically for the film... 'six' as I actually counted the names of the songs on the page. Now it's not too big a surprise there's going to be songs in the movie, as nearly 'everything' that's MLP has a song selection (Both the previous series and the movies). Heck even some of the merchandising has those toys where you push a button and they are singing a tune. But this coming from the Dramamaster himself, I am a 'huge' sucker when it comes to musical theater...

They are basically doing a musical!

Now when I say apart of who I am is an 'actor', sure I've done my share of plays during my high school years but I've always been a huge fan of musical theater. That theatrical experience where you get to sing, act, and dance all at the same time. The S.A.D. of theater if you will...

Wow, it's no wonder with all those followers you still can't find yourself a girl...

SHUT UP!!! That's a sensitive subject... *Clears throat* Anyways... I know what most of us are probably thinking. 'Dramamaster, do you really think six songs are enough to warrant this movie as a musical?'. To be fair, it's not like I'm expecting this movie to be one of those Broadway based features where it has enough songs to make up a whole first act and a whole group of songs to make up the second. Heck, even the last 'MLP' movie has six original songs made specifically for the feature... if we don't count the cover of 'We Got the Beat' by Rachel Platten... or 'Off To See The World' during the credits, which honestly makes for a great travel montage song. Of course, there are other songs on the soundtrack, but how they'd be incorporated into the movie...

OKAY, OKAY... Sheesh... *Takes a deep breath* Growing up in the 90s, I was a huge sucker of the Disney Renaissance. From 'The Little Mermaid' (Even though it was a late 80s feature) to Tarzan by the late 90s, what I loved about those movies are their Broadway style tunes. Songs that were catchy as its stories, the characters, and the animation. And what makes their songs so successful is because they follow the eight rules of a Disney Broadway feature:

The Opening Number
The 'I Want' Song
The Montage
The Buddy Song
The Power Anthem
The Duet
The Villain Song
The Finale

Which leads to the subject of today's blog as we are going to be taking a dive at the six numbers that are to be featured in this upcoming feature:

  • Gonna Be My Day
  • My Little Pony: A New Generation
  • Fit Right In
  • I'm Looking Out For You
  • Danger, Danger, (Angry Mob)
  • Glowin Up

Granted, this is probably not 'the entire' line-up of songs we can expect for the movie but these are the songs that we know for sure are going to be in the movie. Not a bad number so far giving that we are doing a 90 minute feature and there's only so much we can cover (Course, Disney has managed to cover a 'ton' of songs in that hour and a half of runtime). So one by one, we're going to speculate on each of the numbers thus far to determine what 'type' of song they are likely to be... and where they stand on the List of 8. And we begin with...

Gonna Be My Day

Going by the suggestion of this title alone, it is safe to assume that this number is most likely a song made especially for Sunny Starscout...

This could be the start of something new...

Not yet, Sunny! *Straightens up* When I hear the name 'Gonna Be My Day' for me it sounds just like an 'I Want' song. Now, the 'I Want' song in either a Disney movie or any musical feature is basically a song that is what it is. An expression or desire of what the major protagonist wants that even though they already have a good enough life in their home, their job, and the friends they have, there is always that craving for more whether be it the adventure they never got to have or a true love they can't find in their own backyard or just an excuse to escape the mundane pressures that is 'life'. And as we've heard about Sunny, it is clear she wants Equestria to be the way she believed based on her father's stories. When ponies of every nation could be friends together... but for whatever reason, they won't have it. But if we can take a slight further on that subject, who's to say the song is just centered on Sunny alone? In a way, it's a song that may suggest the wants and desires of some of the other townspeople who want a little more than what they have. For example: Hitch Trailblazer...

I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss...

STAP IT!!! Anyways... we all come to learn that Hitch is the town hero, going above and beyond the call of duty. But what if suppose that he wants to be more than just the hero in everyone's eyes? But according to the character, he & Sunny have been best friends ever since they were children... but suppose he wants to see her as 'more' than another friend. I'm spit-balling right now and my shipping instincts are kicking up to overdrive. Anyways, for me 'Gonna Be My Day' may not just be a simple 'I Want' song but also its 'Opening Number'. The song that sets the mood of the entire movie, that introduces us to the world and its characters. And if I'm right, we're talking a case of killing 'two birds' with one stone.

Fit Right In

Now I heard rumors that this song is an Izzy Moonbow song, which being the case, I can imagine Izzy doing this type of number.


Now I'm not entirely sure what kind of song this might be. But if I were to make a guess, it's more than likely a 'Montage' number. And upon further speculation, this song may occur when she and all their friends are getting dressed up and made to resemble Unicorns as only 'Unicorns' are allowed to get through 'Bridlewood'. Why they'd go to Bridlewood aside from helping Izzy get back home is a matter onto itself. But at least the benefit of having it a 'montage' song is that it helps us speed through some scenes that might be considered boring and allow us to focus on a few of the visuals. For all we know, this could turn out to be one of the film's catchiest tunes if done right.

I'm Looking Out For You

For me when I read this title, this song to me sings... a 'Duet' number. Now when it comes to a duet, most people think of it as a romance number between a man and a girl (Sometimes a love song for same-gender couples too) and automatically folks may assume that this is likely a 'Sitch' number.

A Whole New World...

There's going to be a ton of musical references in this blog...

Ooh... NO SHIT!!!

Anyways, if 'romance' is not exactly the topic of interest for this movie, it's possible that we could be looking at basically a Sunny & Moonbow duet... maybe even one of those 'buddy' songs I mentioned previously.

Ain't it great to know some pony's got your baaaacck!!!

All joking aside... I look at the name of this song and I start playing in my head a possible theme. On the instance of Sunny & Hitch, Hitch would come off as the guy who as the 'big' hero then he needs to be the one to make sure Sunny is safe while Sunny insists that if any pony needs looking after it's Hitch himself. Now if it were a Sunny & Moonbow song, Sunny would want to make sure Izzy is kept in good hoofs during their runaway from Maretime Bay acknowledging that while she's sweet she's not 'all there'. But Izzy may see this as the best buddy road-trip despite being scared of meeting the Pegasi in Zephyr Heights yet she promises to look out for the first real best friend she has outside of Bridlewood. This would go to show that a Duet song does not always need to center on romance. But rather it can be a song of two friends stating who should be looking out for who, only to realize they have that one element in common. Can't go wrong with a 'good' duet in any form of media.

Danger, Danger

As soon as I heard the words 'Angry Mob' next to this song, instantly the title of this number screams 'villain' song. While there may not be an established villain out to take over the world through splitting up the ponies, there's likely still a form of antagonism taking place in the movie. As the plot synopsis went on to suggest, the ponies of Maretime Bay have just about had it with Sunny's antics and harboring a unicorn who strolls into their town is the final straw. As we've seen with these ponies in the trailer, when they get scared as fish they scatter just like them. It is likely some pony in the village will seek to use that fear to assume a form of power and ultimately lead this mob when they finally decide to do away with Sunny's antics. To make her embrace the new Equestria they've settled with, even by force if need be. And I've heard many fans assume that it all involves... 'this' guy...

*Inhales and starts to sing*

Nooooo... Next number, please...

Glowin' Up

Now this song was rather tricky to determine what kind of number it may be. On one hand, a trailer briefly showed Pegasus glowing an abundant of colors and flying around as if suggesting magic is returning. Ergo, it would almost be under some assumption to call this a 'Finale' number that ties the whole movie altogether. But on one hand, this could be a 'Power Anthem' song that represents the singer in question. And in which case, this song could easily be a Pipp Petals number...

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose the baddest of them all...

I couldn't resist a Sofia Carson nod. Anyways... we know that Pipp is not just a pony whose heavily into social media (If the cellphone is not a big giveaway) but she's also the biggest pop star in all of Zephyr Heights. In all likelihood, this is a song that she would perform for her people as a means to lift up their spirits in a time when it seems that they are never going to fly again. And yet the reason she and her family can is strictly because they have the scientific means of flying through wiring (Or so I'm told...) and as long as they have ponies believing that if 'they' can still fly, then one day it'll happen for them too. Either way, this song is definitely a 'pop' tune I can imagine hearing at parties.

And last... but certainly not least...

My Little Pony: A New Generation Theme

Let's face it faithful readers, when it comes to an MLP theme song, there are 'two' types of audiences. On one hand, there are the folks who will actually skim through the whole half a minute listening to that song before an episode. And then there's the people who immediately hit the 'SKIP' button after the first three seconds (You know what you do). On one hand, I can almost see this song as an opening number as a means to introduce the movie. Or I could see this as a 'finale' number as sort of a preview for the fans of what the new generation is truly all about. And with word of an upcoming series set to release after this movie, it's likely we'll get a 'condensed' version of the movie's theme song whereas we'll likely get a good two, maybe three minutes, of the movie's song. Hopefully when we get that theme video for the series, it not only highlights the 'Mane 5' but we get a few brief snippets of the supporting characters whose roles are promoted specifically for the series.

Overall, while we may not know exactly what type of songs we are dealing (Unless you will actually buy the toys that plays the tunes), it's fun enough just to speculate what sort of numbers we'll be dealing with. Of course, hardly anyone can top Daniel InGram when it comes to MLP music but this movie will feature 'tons' of composers brought together specifically for this feature. And that includes, but not limited to, Jenna Andrews, Bryan Fryzel, Taylor Cameron Upsahl, Alan Schmuckler, and Micheal Mahler. Mind you, I don't really know these guys very well, but hopefully the movie is in good hands if these guys are any good. Further research will be needed to know these guys.

But now the big question remains: What do YOU think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful viewers, this is the Dramamaster829... signing off!

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I can't wait to hear these songs!

I see you cited out one of Howard Ashman’s theories on musicals

The man was a legend

Neither can I my friend. If we're lucky, the film's soundtrack will be out before the movie. Maybe we'll get a slight preview of their songs through those Facebook/YouTube things.

Well actually I borrowed the idea of the '8 Rules' of Disney Musical Theater from a YouTube video of this guy I know. But I can see where you came up with that idea.

Yeah, in light of news about songs for the movie, music was definitely a huge theme for this blog.

Well still

Nice that you mention that tho:twilightsmile:

I'm very glad you enjoyed it. The Disney Renaissance was among my favorite periods from Disney.

Not to mention the man Howard Ashman himself

If it weren’t for him Disney would’ve never made it out of that slump they had in the 80s

Yeah... those were dark times. Not necessarily to say it was the 'worst' time for Disney movies. The problem was... they couldn't really tackle that one audience they were looking for. And sometimes we look at these movies and sometimes we wonder... how it could've been if they had more time and the extra resources to actually make the movies they were going for?

Not sure but one things for sure The Little Mermaid was their big break

Well that and the whole crossover cameo between their’s and Warner Bros mascots in the Roger Rabbit film

Kinda think of it

Maybe we should do a Disney Broadway Tier list

Yeah they both played a part in everything that would be Disney during the 90s. And they still remain the most popular movies amongst most of their line-up.

Oh sure... that would be nice.

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