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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! - A New Generation · 4:46am August 18th

I, like most of you, have seen the preview for the upcoming film, My Little Pony: A New Generation. It stirred up some unexpected emotions in me.

The trailer is clever, well-polished, funny, and remarkably modern. It looks good. But it's not FIM. It never will be. It never can be.

10 years ago, we all discovered that the sun rises in the East because of the magic of Princess Celestia - that the very stars in the sky are actually Princess Luna's ethereal space dandruff. Most of all, we learned that friendship itself is magic - a mystical force generated by pastel-colored ponies, and beamed into our very hearts from the land of Equestria - a horse dimension so very far away that somehow manages to still feel like home. Simply put, My Little Pony revolutionized our understanding of the Universe itself.

I'm optimistic for the next stage of the MLP franchise, but this trailer also reminded me that there's way that they can recapture that. G4 was lightning in a bottle.

How then to engage with MLP moving forward?

I, of course, want it to be funny, to have likable characters, to tell good stories, but when I think about it, even FIM had its share of dud episodes, or plot holes, or jokes that fell flat. There are plenty of other shows that exceed G4 in these categories, (taken on their own). What made it special was the way it all came together - the incredible love that went into its making.

And that's what I'm looking for in G5.

If this upcoming pony movie is made with heart, then I will blissfully overlook any of its flaws. I don't want or expect it to be exactly like G4. I don't need it to transform the fabric of the universe. (Honestly, I'm not sure the Universe could handle it).

But if G5 is made with a general love of Equestria - as I suspect it might be; if the creators share joy in expanding its lore - then it cannot help but amplify everything that was good about Friendship is Magic in the first place.

I'm looking forward to that.


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Comments ( 2 )

Very well said indeed. Here's hoping we see that same amount of heart.

"also reminded me that there's way that"
"also reminded me that there's no way that"?

Thank you, as usual, for your thoughts. :)
And aye, I'm looking forward to it with some hope!

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