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Happy birthday to me! · 1:45pm August 17th

For gifts I accept social media attention, post about me somewhere and we'll call it even :pinkiehappy:


Birthdays are a tough time for me. I'm always moody about my money woes (I don't recommend trying to pay off a five-digit debt with a three-digit monthly income that's lower than most people's bi-weekly income, it sucks), but I'm in a good place otherwise. Have eased into my job cleaning the apartment building I'm living in, am slowly but steadily building my YouTube channel and succeeding in driving viewer engagement, and I've begun to branch out my content a little with my first reaction videos this year.

Still, trying to live when disposable income is merely a hypothetical concept for you ain't fun. I don't get to play the video games I wanna play partially because I can't afford them, and partially because I feel if I get sucked into them, my creative output will suffer. Everyone gushes about Final Fantasy XIV but no matter how interested in it I am I resist playing it, not only because I can't afford the fees and expansions, but also because I don't know how my channel would handle it.

That said, those are my darker moments. I try not to think about them while planning to ask my doctor if I can talk to someone (Covid being a thing, that wasn't as easy a year ago as it may be now), and my coping mechanism is to live in denial and go about my life. And honestly, that's an effective coping mechanism - I'm at my best when I'm being productive and being able to do the things I enjoy, editing a video, writing a script or a fanfic, or playing a video game not caring if it eats up my entire day. Being productive makes me feel good, that I'm doing something to advance my life and not just sitting around being a middle-aged, mildly overweight schlub.

On the whole I'm good - I've gotten my Covid vaccination, I got an el-cheapo monitor at a thrift store to set up a dual screen monitor for streaming when I try that someday, I've refined a lot of my editing techniques, I've gotten a new microphone with noticeable better quality and have gotten good at recording my voice-over in a consistent voice. And as I said, YouTube viewer engagement is rising, sub count is rising, and I'm putting out steady content, so I'm quite pleased with that. It's a slow process, but it is proceeding, which is very encouraging.

So, thanks for reading this mildly depressing rant. It came out moodier than I intended, but that's venting for you. I want to emphasize again, I'm not unhappy, I'm living a life I don't dislike living. I just wish I could live that life without a 12,000 ton weight dangling over my head.

In sincerity, happy birthday to myself, I've done a lot of good things for myself this year and I feel good about myself for doing them. And if you want to help me feel even better by spreading word about me to help me keep building my viewer count, maybe even get a couple new patrons, that'd be amazing. :raritywink:

PS - one downside is that I've had to make the difficult choice to reduce my Patreon sponsorships even by a meagre few dollars. I regret not being able to support all the artists I want to, but I can't ask for people to support me on Patreon in good conscience when I'd be spending that money on lewd artwork.

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Glorious wishes of wellness on this, the blessed day of your birth!

Happy Birthday!!:yay:

Happy Drakemas! Here's hoping things get better in the coming year.

Happy Birthday bro hope you enjoy ur day my friend.

Happy Birthday!

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