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Hi, my name is Heroic412227, but you can call me Heroic. I'm still learning how to be the best writer I can be.

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Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse · 4:40pm August 16th

In my opinion, backstory and motivation should only explain why antagonists are what they are, not excuse them.

You shouldn't have an antagonist get off scot-free just because they've had a tragic backstory or good intentions. They need to put in the work and realize that what they did can't just be brushed off.

That doesn't necessarily make them irredeemable. They can be helped and saved if needed. They just can't be excused for the harm that they've caused. Whether intentional or not and regardless of how traumatic and damaging their circumstances were.

But what do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree and why?

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What if the antagonist has a mental illness that makes them the way they are? What if they were manipulated to do what they do by another villain while they’re mentally ill and once they’re in the right frame of mind, they realize what they did was wrong and express deep remorse?

Then they can be helped and redeemed and I'm not trying to villainize people with mental illnesses, but while that reason can be understandable, they still need to make up for their actions. Not with anything harsh or unfair, but through something like therapy or community service if needed. Sorry for being mean, though.

Oh, I get it now. The reason I brought it up is I made a story where one member of the Legion of Doom is like what I just said and I didn’t know If that applied here or not.

What's that story called?

Spike’s Sacrifice and A Secret Admirer 3: Spike’s Sacrifice (AU).

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