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Lady Umbra

I love writing both Original Fanfictions and Movie Xovers[Meaning I write the movie plot with MLP characters] I also love all forms of feedback

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  • 30 weeks
    I need help with a collaboration

    See i'm working with another author to create an awesome fanfiction, but right now we're having trouble getting some lyrics for a song together

    We need someone who can tweak this song
    and make it more attuned to the Element of Kindness; Fluttershy

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  • 45 weeks
    Check it out

    I don't know why but I love everything about this for some reason

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  • 56 weeks

    After many weeks of waiting my grandfather's ashes have finally made it to our house. Pepa you will be missed dearly

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  • 64 weeks
    The Reason for my Hiatus

    I finally found the source for my hiatus, in the last months I felt that something was wrong but I couldn't place it which was messing with my writing as of late. I just found out today that my grandfather passed away last night. I honestly don't know how to process it, On one hand I knew him to a degree where I have a good number of memories with him, but on the other hand he was somewhat

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  • 67 weeks
    I'm going on a Hiatus for a bit

    Okay So as the title says i'm going to cease writing for a bit after I upload the next chapter of My Name is Ash, I'll still upload the Chapters of The Shadow of Equestria. because the next arc is completed. but right now I want to take a break and relax both physically and mentally

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One I read once · 1:23pm Aug 15th, 2021

Okay I am in a little bind, I want to read an old tragedy story I read in high-school, Only problem I can't remember the name.

It involves Scootaloo, She sleeps in the club house and wakes up to find she died from the cold night, she is then approached by a dark alicorn. he is to help ease her pain by granting her a dream or something. the watch Scoot being buried and watch Rainbow approach crying.

Any of this ringing a bell?

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