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Everfree NorthWest 2021 short post - Two books left · 5:52am August 15th

I've got three books left. One copy of Monster, which is reserved for rolemaster (if he ever gets a hold of me) one copy of Sisters, and one copy of The One Who Got Away/Drifting Down the Lazy River. I put three books into the charity auction (if anybody bids on them) and I'm shutting down for the day (Pooped). If anybody wants those last two books (and one last pre-stamped Estee postcard), catch me Sunday, probably in the writing room.

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Hey when we gonna hang out!?!? (714) 496-3119

I have my Estee card filled out, front and back. Just need a convenient mailbox and a postal system that hopefully won't ask too many questions.

I'm not going to lie I thought you were maybe bad horse from the back

And all books gone! Thanks everybody.

Pardon me, I'm a brainlet. What is 'Sisters'?

5572837 I need to plug the hardcopy books I put together (with considerable help from Iisaw and FOME) again. Thanks for the reminder.

Sisters is a compilation:
Sisters! Paperback 278 pages

A collection of female alicorns, related by their unique placement in the universe, who do not so much suffer from insanity as rather enjoy it. For centuries, there was only one of them in Equestria, then two, and three, then four and five… Together, they share a unique relationship, closer than mere circumstances would otherwise indicate. Against the multitude of ponykind, they are singularly unique, thinking of each other as both competitors and allies against the world's stress, conflict, time travel, released monsters, accidents of history, cosmic coincidences, foalbirth, and other such calamities. In short, they consider each other as… Sisters!

Short stories by Georg, Bad Horse, GhostOfHeraclitus, Estee, and Skywriter

Interesting. I'm guessing this was never released on fimfiction?

5573526 Each of the stories have been, but the whole collection together in bound form, no. Plus the art by Katiepox is astonishing, and Iisaw contributed a beautiful Twilight/Cadence pic for the back.


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