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  • Today
    Special announcement

    Having a girlfriend is awesome!!!!!

    Thank you for your time

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  • Tuesday

    So, the more I workout, the hungrier I get for more results lol. Although I’m starting to fall behind on my push ups, I make sure to keep up with standard cardio and reps.

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  • Tuesday
    Stolen Thunder

    Pall stared around at his troops, staring at Griff especially, as he’d been moving a bit slower than usual.

    ”Griffon, you have been awfully quiet lately. Is something going on?”

    ”Oh, heh, no sir. It’s just that, I was up all night doing pull ups by the big oak tree—“

    “Sir! I can run a marathon in fifteen minutes!”

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  • Tuesday

    ”Is he done yet? I think he’s using up all the hot water…”

    ”Meh, not that I’d mind. Cold showers aren’t all that bad.”

    ”Depends on what kind of cold shower we are talking about.”

    The Change Gang paused to stare at the umbrum, who sighed and went quiet.


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  • Tuesday
    Found a new way to put my hair up

    Also found a new selfie pose lol. Get used to it. Gonna be posting literally every selfie like that now.

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Dave 2 (EqG) · 1:40am August 15th

Dave grunted as he downed the last bit of beer from his mug. ”Heheh…that’s the last one…”


”C’mon, one more?”

”Oh, alright…”


Dave stared down at his deck of cards with a smirk, laying them all down on the table and pulling the stack of chips toward him. ”Now that’s how you gamble.”


Dave smirked.

”Why don’t you teach me how to gamble, ’Dave’?”

Dave yelped and looked up at a rather stern looking Dragon Fruit, with a hand on his hip as he glared firmly.


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Comments ( 20 )

*hiding his face in his hands* “I’m
being confiscated, aren’t I?”


They’re still onto that Dave thing?



”Hey, Dave, where’s my cut?”

*they both look at her, Griff frightened and Dragon stern*

“Did you have something to do with this??”




*Griff slips her a stack of fifties* ”Don’t tell Mets.”

*zips her lips and rushes off*

”What? I can gamble if I wanna! I’m rich enough!”

”Fine.” *smiles and slides over a few bills* “…caaaan I buy your silence?”

No. But give me the money anyway

*sighs and rolls eyes, writing her a check* “I’d give you money anyway, you’re my ma. As long as you don’t spend it on Hero and spend the most on Luzi.”

”Buuuut…don’t forget to spend some on yourself.” *smiles*

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