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    And Imma just talk about what I've talked about on Discord. Because that's the only thing I really use right now. Yeah. (I know nobody is gonna see this but whatever.)

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The Owl House because that shit is good arright · 9:37am August 14th

Discord because idk it's kinda relevant here: Rae#4343 Shoot me a DM whenever if you want idc

Arright so I just got done watching The Owl House. S2 E10 Yesterday's Lie

And Imma just talk about what I've talked about on Discord. Because that's the only thing I really use right now. Yeah. (I know nobody is gonna see this but whatever.)

I had asked: Why the hell did Luz run away? Yes, I know, not pony related.

Running away is something all kids do. It's almost a normal thing for kids to threaten running away. And almost all kids have 1. The opportunity 2. The willingness and 3. The ability to run away every single day. Seriously. Most of the time kids don't have good problem solving skills, like me, and look to "easier" solutions like running away. Anger, anxiety, and most of all shame are the causes that are most common along with drug abuse.

Luz was a weird kid and never had friends because of it(can't relate I'm just mean and antisocial). So she only really had her mom with no father in the picture it seems. And her mom is a vet... vets and doctors are often very busy. So Luz, as cheery or just optimistic as she is, was lonely. Only with her imagination, snakes, action figures, and a book. How long was that going to last before her actual feelings set in?

In this new episode(episode 10), the other mysterious Luz tells Luz basically that Luz was a child never satisfied because she has never had to deal with 'real' trauma or had a 'real' reason to run from an almost perfect life, therefore running away to the Boiling Isles essentially because the grass was greener than her already vividly green grass at home. And that's honestly a hit to take.

I don't remember much from the first episode where she does end up at the Boiling Isles. But I know she was visibly upset that she had to go to this 3 month summer camp. I think the suggestion of this camp was a blatant "YOU'RE WEIRD" to her face. Because she shouldn't have to be whipped into shape. She just wanted friends(can relate).

....She then gets distracted and chases after Owlbert to the demon realm.

I don't think she actually wanted to run away. But she's been in the Boiling Isles for way over 3 months. But I can say multiple times Luz had no real intention of going home.... Lets take Grom Night, for example. The Grom monster can tell your actual fears. And it just so happened to be Luz's mom, but not just her mom. Her mom finding out where she's been, and that she's been lying all along. Remember what I said about shame up there? Shame is connected to fear. Well her fear of her mother's thoughts has been pushing her further and further away.

It's been shown multiple times that Luz could've gone home but didn't(I think). When Eda was going to be turn to stone, Luz gave up the one chance of seeing her birth mother ever again in her life to save a substitute. Luz has already started a new life where all of her dreams have come true. She has the relationships she has wanted for the longest time except for the one that she needed most.... The one with her mom. She didn't run away but it's gotten to the point where it might have well have been her running away after all.

Because she's running away from her problems. It was shown in episode 9 when her and Amity were in the Tunnel of Love. She tried to hide how she felt by destroying everything in a very panicked, desperate manner. Running from her feelings and acting as if they never existed. Because as soon as that anxiety spikes you go crazy- istg that was the first year of middle school for me. Almost got expelled.

The ending was heartbreaking. Just before she was forced to go back to the Boiling Isles because the portal was closing, her and her mom conversed very... sadly. Her mom is bawling her eyes out in the rain talking to her daughter that was never even there with her since those 3 months of camp had passed. Her mom was obviously scared for her probably only child, like a mom should. Luz ended up saying (btw not a direct quote):

"[Staying in the Boiling Isles] was the best decision I've ever made!"

And that's when her mom, Camila, realized that she has chosen to go there and to stay there. And it's sad what her mom says after: (kinda a direct quote):

"You chose to stay there? Were you trying to live out some witch fantasy?! Did... Did you really hate living with me that much?"

Oh my god that line hurt so much. And I'm not even a mom or in any position to understand it like I did. (This is not supposed to be sympathizing homework but here I am...) It must've hurt her mom so much. It made her feel like she wasn't a good parent, which is like the worse feeling you could get because it's an everlasting insecurity and it has to do with your child. This is literally the reason I've never run away in my life. Because I know my mom will be saying the exact same things and sobbing loudly. Awful, awful, awful. What an ending.

I think I'll call it a night now. If you've gotten this far, thank you. I hope you enjoyed this unneccessary rant.

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