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G5 movie trailer thoughts · 6:24pm August 12th

I liked it. A lot of the jokes landed, the characters were engaging and likeable, and the animation is fun. It was a little off in places (Hitch's mouth didn't seem to match the shouting), but then so was G4 at first, I'm sure the animation quality will improve over time as they inevitably launch a show off of this. I'm intrigued by the story of this - the ponies don't just live separate now, they're actively afraid of each other. And unicorns can't do magic? Clearly something happened in Equestria, something big and bad, and it's going to be a major plot point.

I also appreciate that the G4 references in the trailer are slim to none. Aside from the action figures, nothing in the trailer jumped out to me as "G4 sequel". The locations, the aesthetic, the story beats, all stood on their own. I'm happy for that, G5 should not use G4 as a crutch, maybe a launchpad at best since I'm sure the fate of Twilight will inevitably come up sooner or later, if not in the movie than in the show. But it's doing its own separate thing and it's good, and that's good.

So, am optimistic, good first showing.

PS - "Pony = Sony". Too obvious to not have that pun in this high-tech world.

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I'm honestly more interested than I thought I'd be, definitely can't wait for the premiere!

It looked fine. I'm just not that into MLP like I used to. I don't have NetFlix, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to see this.

Agree with you that this looks to be its own thing, though I wouldn't object to seeing an older Spike make an appearance.

Curious that the whole magic/friendship thing mirrors what happened the multiple times that some villain tried to steal/destroy all of Equestria's magic (Tierek, Cozy Glow), the only difference being that Pegasi are still able to fly.


I think I read somewhere that they can't, and use strings to make it seem like they can.

I'm sure the technical issues were just with the trailer. Most likely the result of overdubbing.

Definitely looks good.

Around the 2 minute mark in the trailer certainly would suggest that they can't fly, though how Zipp is flying when she first appears in the trailer certainly doesn't look like she has strings.

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I'm quite excited, myself. :)

I'm thinking the loss of friendship is what caused (or at least contributed to) the loss of magic. Like the earth ponies, even Sunny, thought the unicorns still had magic. So the separation of the races happened first.
There are a couple of ways they could have cameos of a sort of the mane 6 without it being cringey. Like during their adventure they find Twilight's castle, maybe in ruins, and find the memory crystals that were hanging on the roots of the Golden Oak and they watch those. Or maybe Twilight, but it's actually the avatar of the tree of harmony.

I'm interested in seeing the movie and how the next chapter of MLP proceeds. I wouldn't mind cameos of FiM characters but not have them be too integral to the plots. I think I'm in the minority that liked Hasbro throwing all their products into the FiM movie (i.e. Hungry Hungry Hippos and Transformers), I would like to see more of that in this movie. Jokes are pretty solid and not too over the top. The whole bean can trick was epic and that mare claiming that child isn't hers made me lol.

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