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MOVIE TRAILER! · 5:17pm August 12th

Sorry guys, couldn't help it. I watched the trailer and I'm hyped. If you haven't watched it yet...


Some spoilers in my thoughts below.

Couple of things I love so far:

"Your son is safe now, Ma'am."
"...This isn't my kid!"
"You're welcome!"

That was one of those classic split-second laughs that I love.

"Get ready for a new breed of sparkle"

Gettin' meta. I can dig it.

But yeah, adding to the hype for me.

Comments ( 2 )

Aye, I saw it earlier, and I overall rather liked it!
And I don't generally care for movie trailers, though I also don't tend to see many of them.

Well it pretty I’ll give it that. But the story… that’s gonna make or break it.

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