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A suitable birthday gift... · 3:03pm Aug 12th, 2021

Not say I won't keep vodka in hand while I watch... but I'm excited to see our little ponies back in fresh new action on my birthday

The last two kids movies for Netflix I've watched have been good. I've actually had a song from Vivo stuck in my head

I love seeing zephyr heights and I love seeing them disguised as unicorns.

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Watched this, love it, and am looking forward to it and the new series.

Also, I'm thinking that Izzy is the new Pinkie Pie.

IF a bit more... over the top... than our Pinkie.

If she is the new Pinkie Pie... I wouldn't have to change much to cosplay her. My hair is getting longer and wavier and is only a shade darker blue

5567572 See!
That's one good point already!

is there any other way to watch shows for little kids?

Rum. Occassionally rum.

so thats why the rum is gone. :rainbowkiss:

what flavor rum? also how do you like your vodka, because every time i try it always smells and tastes like rubbing alcohol

I've been getting the Malibu coconut rum lately. As for vodka I try to get a citrus flavor from svedka, such as Celemtine, Citron, or mango pineapple...

Or I just grab a plain costco brand bottle when I get over to costco

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