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Trying to get back into the routine · 1:51am Aug 12th, 2021

Hi everyone.

I haven't really written much of anything since moving in March. Moving to a new state and new job kind of adjusted my mind to be too busy thinking about new events in my actual life to spend much time thinking about new events in my fictional characters' lives. I really need to mentally dwell in their world for a while to write anything of worth, and only now, months later, my new situation is finally becoming something that feels normal, and I am starting to do that again.

I need to get the ball rolling again, though. If you liked the trilogy and wanna talk about either the existing novels or upcoming short stories, feel free to leave comments or pm me your discord name. Actively discussing and getting outside perspectives on the fic universe and its characters will probably help me get some momentum on that short story anthology.


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Comments ( 5 )

Would be happy to help!

I would help but I have not read all the stories yet.

I have about 50 or so novel length stories to read before I get to finishing your stories.

Due to 'Loki' and 'What If...?' recently releasing I've been pondering AU type things more than usual. Have you considered any What If type scenarios for your anthology?

Not so far, but maybe it's not out of the question. Right now I mainly just have plans to focus in on individual characters or sets of characters from the trilogy to be the focus of those short stories.

Got one partway done about Scuffle and Honeydew, for instance.

Are you planning on introducing the schoolhouse crowd of Ponyville aside from Pipsqueak? It could be interesting to see various characters' reactions to Scuffle's alter ego.

Speaking of Rosy Lace, the setting is Ponyville. A certain draconaquus kinda exists around Ponyville. Let. Hijinks. Ensue. Heck, Dewey isn't even the only Honeydew that the fandom has seen. Why not do some research and write one into the narrative?

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