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  • MI Feel Pretty
    Sweetie Belle heads home from Sweet Apple Acres after an eventful day at school visiting the statue of Discord in Canterlot when she meets Big Macintosh along the way. Set during the Season 2 opener "Return of Harmony".
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I Feel Pretty Audiobook by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan! · 8:37pm August 11th

Author, follower and mine and all-around good guy, The Mystery Fluttershy Fan has generously given of his time to produce an audiobook for "I Feel Pretty" That will be going up tomorrow at 4 PM Central US.

I now feel both honored and pretty.

TMFF has kindly provided me a link to the sound file for my feedback and enjoyment and I can tell you right now, it's going to be outstanding! He's got a wonderful Australian accent, does a pretty mean Apple Bloom impersonation, and spliced in excellent music and sound effects. Give it a listen!

And thanks again TMFF for all your hard work!


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