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Top-Left Horsefest 2021! · 7:40am Aug 9th, 2021


So I'll be at EFNW this year. Excited to see y'all again after this shitfest of the last almost two years. Stay safe and mask up!

Speaking of almost two years, it's been almost one year since my last blog. Good lord, time flies. But yeah! Compatī is almost finished. Just working on the final few chapters, plus the scenes that need stitched together throughout. As a bonus, I've remastered the currently published chapters, as it's been damn near 4 years since I first posted this and learned much along the way. Those updates will be going out once I complete the story.

In regards to the One Full Day illustrated hard copy, it's been a while, I know. I haven't forgotten about it or any of you eagerly awaiting updates. Life's been life, both for me and Ruirik. I'll hopefully have a fuller update with more information on that soon.

As always,
Onward and Upward!

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Author Interviewer

top fest with left horse :B

Wanderer D

So we're catching up there, then?

Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.
We're both travelling all the way across the country instead of the 5-ish hours north/south, the way god intended.

Wanderer D


the way god intended.


Only a few days left, I can't wait to fly out. :moustache:

Let's get drunk/high and write a dumb collab

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