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    In need of a proofreader

    I wanna get back into story writing but I need someone or a few people to help me with proofreading.

    If you are a fan of my work and want to help me? DM me and we can discuss terms and conditions.

    Please don't waste my time, I have no intention to waste yours

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    Yes I know it has been awhile. A lot has gone on and I've been taking my time adjusting but every time I turn around something else happens. Currently working as many hours as I can during the week which leaves me often times mentally and physically exhausted. I have had the urge in the past few weeks I would say to get back into writing and with my birthday and Halloween coming up the muse is a

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    Love Month: Ship Story Time

    I've been trying to get back into the swing of things but it's just been constant work but I feel the month of love is probably a good a time as any to try and come back. SO which ship would ya'll like me to focus on the MOST. The ship with the most comments wins.

    1. Adagio x Sunset

    2. Sunset x Sci-Twi(Princess Twi for Twi-Angel? maybe)

    3. Adagio x Rarity

    4. Pinkie x Sunset

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    Sunset & Pinkie watch Uzaki-chan wants to hang out

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    Halloween Story ideas

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    Humane 7 go trick or treating with the CMC

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Update: Redux of old story incoming · 4:45pm Aug 5th, 2021

I have been for lack of a better word, out of practice. My desire and love for writing having dwindled a bit because of stress and work being all consuming which doesn't help the whole stress thing. However I want you all to know I am still here and after finding the file? I am going to be revamping an old story that frankly I was heartbroken to have to take down because of stupid music copyrights T_T

So for those who remember it? I will be doing a revamp of Melody of Love, a romance fic for Sunset x Adagio. This fic is purely for fans of the Sundagio ship who want something fluffy and romantic to read, it won't be to serious but I will try and have some semblance of a plot, though I have found trying to work on these things alone? Not a good idea, so if anyone wants to offer me their help? Hit me up in the DM's and we can talk something out.

Forgive me for my lack of reply and story posting, it's just been really hard lately but I don't want any of you to think I have just vanished or something. I just need as always, HELP.

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I understand needing help with writing. It's a real pain to do sometimes.

Yeah its hard not having anyone to bounce ideas off of or get a second opinion

Indeed, right you are.

Hey, I'm just glad you're still out there. Hopefully, it won't be long before you update that SunLight proposal story.

Is that the story where Sunset Magic fucked Adagio?

Yeah lone wolfing a story is difficult that’s for sure.

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