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  • 3 weeks
    To My Step"father"

    My sympathies.

    I'm sorry you felt so bad about yourself you had to take it out on a helpless child that couldn't fight back.

    You're pathetic and I pity you.

    Even so God loves you.

    So I will try to.

    God, take away this anger and pain.

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  • 4 weeks
    Twilight Sparkle Was A Pony Queen

    of her the bards do sadly sing,
    the last whose realm was fair and free
    between the mountains and the sea...

    But long ago she rode away
    and where she is none can say
    for into darkness fell her star
    in the land of the Changelings where the shadows are.

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  • 5 weeks
    Latin poetry

    Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo

    [...] qui me ex versiculus meis putastis

    quod sunt molliculi parum pudicum

    [...] Vos, quod milia multa basiorum

    legistis, male me marem putatis?

    Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo

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  • 6 weeks
    ...What anime is this from?

    Someone, somewhere out there, must be able to explain this scene.

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  • 11 weeks
    This Would Have Sounded Differently in 1923

    I was in my office talking to a gay boxer who said he could lick any man in San Francisco when Sally, always a queer one, ran in loudly ejaculating. "Dick! I need Dick!"

    That's me, Dick Small, best dick in town.

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Cause it needed to be said · 2:50am August 3rd

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Why did this need to be said?

You are tell that to the wrong people. You need to say that to Saikawa,

Needed to be said? Sure. Will it be listened to? :unsuresweetie:Unfortunately, not everyone will listen... :facehoof:

What’s the context behind this?

Hey folks, viewer mail time!

Kanna the Dragon is a really cute young dragon that lives with two of the characters on Kobayashi Dragon Maid and, despite being basically a baby, there's way too much porn of her.

I mean Kanna is like...
how old is she, hold on...
Like 7,000 years old...
But yeah don't Lewd children guys
I think Kanna ... and Dragons in general work on Elf rules
Like for every 1000 years they age or somethin i dunno


I mean, the main reason we have this sort of law and social consideration in the modern era is that a younger person isn't mature or knowledgeable enough to make these decisions without being influenced by someone older and potentially more mature. (And if too young, the potential injury factor)

I'm not sure how that works when the person in question is thousands of years old and thus should be far more experienced and knowledgeable than any mortal could possibly ever conceive of. The whole immortal/mortal different species bit is always a severe mindfuck when trying to figure out if this is okay or not. By human standards she's an ancient, wise being, and even an eighty year old human on their deathbed is a child in comparison to her.

If anything, in this way, she'd be robbing the cradle. But comparing her to another dragon potential partner, she's too young (thus don't fuck the dragon loli). So among humans she'd technically be the predator if we use the same rubric that we do in human considerations. Among dragons, an adult/mature dragon is the predator. If we're sticking tightly to our human morals, she's in a rough spot if she were to look for romantic/intimate relations right now.

Granted there's probably someone out there with the subset fetish of loli-grandmas who'd happily be ara ara'd at by a triangle mouth.

I was being silly, but I see what you are saying.
Because yeah, if someone give a child those experiences they ARE taking advantage of their inexperience, and they have taken something away that was not theirs to take.
As for loli characters in amine I am of 2-3 ... I have a lot of opinions.
First we have the Vampire Loli which I feel is the saddest; they were turned before they could get into puberty, so they never will understand those weird chemical imbalances that teenagers go through so while those adult experiences intrest them they never really understand themThink a Prime example of that is Evangeline A.K. McDowell from Negima!?
She was sired at a very young age and was cast out of society because of that, but Negi's father Nagi took her in. While traveling with him she developed a crush on Nagi and wanted to make a relationship with him...Taking to long sorry.
I have a LOT more, but i am taking WAY TO MUCH SPACE so unless someone wants more comment on this and i'll write more.


With Eva she does eventually manage to gain/regain adult form if I remember correctly. In UQ Holder we can see her with an adult body - though she can choose to return to loli-form at-will. UQ Holder is not non-canon, as some seem to think, but it is the 'alt timeline' after defeating the Mage of the Beginning. The timeline where everything goes horribly wrong instead of the peaceful victory and happy life of the main timeline.

But yes, there's a loli vampire in Hellsing that very much fits that description. She was turned during puberty I believe, and very much has those desires, but is still in the form of a minor. Thus she only gets one kind of guy interested in her despite that she's a mature and ancient woman, with none of the mentality of a child. My heart goes out to her, she can only have gross child molesters. (Note I make a big distinction between child molesters and pedophiles, as the latter are harmless and it's an attraction they usually can't control closer to a sexuality, but a child molester is someone willing to actively harm or predate a child sexually in which case I suggest great violence. Think of the difference between a rapist and a regular straight person - one has an attraction and keeps their hands to themselves, the other is... well, they're a rapist and I once again suggest great violence!)

In the end, our reasons for this are more based on mentality than physicality, but we've linked the two because humans normally have a body that matches their mental age, barring select few medical situations/brain damage/personality damage.

I never finished Negima!?! I think I am missing the last 2 volumes, but I did not know it had a continuation.
Though that is great that, what with magic?, Eva is able to 'grow up' as it were.

One of my other thoughts on 'aging' is the Elf/Asari aging convention.
Where the race ages SO SLOWLY that they have to consider what IS an appropriate age of concent.
I think in Mass Effect Liara T'Soni is around 106 years old, but in her culture she is still considered a... not child, but not fully grown.


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