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When they change form · 11:19pm August 1st

I'm supposed to be doing something, so of course I'm doing this.

When/where are the instances where members of the mane six change into something else?

I won't be coy, this is for a series of 'variant' cards I'm doing for my card game project. Right now, I have:

  • EQG for Twilight
  • Seapony for Pinkie, since she was a focus of that part of the movie
  • Flutterbat for Fluttershy
  • Crystal pony for Rarity, since that is a thing that happens

So I need one for Rainbow and one for Applejack. The only other thing I can think of is when Twilight turned them into Breezies, but that's not really closely related to either one of them. I mean, I could use it, it would just be very arbitrary. I know Rainbow Dash wanted to turn into a griffon, but that never happened. Is there maybe an issue of the comics I'm forgetting/haven't read that could supply fodder for this idea?

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There was that Discord episode where they became gray and grumpy. And the episode with Tirek where the tree of harmony made them poofy and colorful.

How about the multiverse dimension jumps in the manga? They don't transmogrify into other creatures (at least not from memory), but they are technically different characters, and the Japanese manga/anime universe where the Apple family are ninjas might just about count.

I forgot you were doing a card game project - seems to be something a few people always have in progress (mine's being in limbo for two years now, and lockdown isn't the main reason). Well, I didn't totally forget, but I certainly forgot the part of variant Mane 6 cards, anyway. Unless you haven't mentioned that before?

Anyway, it's certainly a stretch, but if push comes to shove, there's always the Power Pony personas the Mane 6 take as backups. Certainly in Rainbow Dash's case, it's a good fit, as being a superhero is so her (further alternatively, there's the Ogres and Oubliettes character she becomes for a few seconds at the end of "Dungeons and Discords"). I understand there are more costume swaps rather then actual bodily transformations, which is what you're going for. But you're right - outside of comic issues I'm forgetting, we've exhausted our options here!
[Then again, scanning the alternate comic covers may provide some juicy answers, they can often go pretty nuts! Wouldn't be surprised to see some more bodily transformations on some of them!]

Maybe her Nightmare Night costume?


Applejewel for Applejack?
Wonderbolt costume for Rainbow Dash?

Does the pie-hating, laser-eyes evil-Dash from Pinkie's imagination count?

Breezies or Power Ponies? Rainbow Power?

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Then there’s that weird wonderbolts episode where rainbow dash turns into a complete and utter moron.

Applejack shrinking due to Poison Joke exposure could definitely work.

With Dash, there is the wingless option from Discord's hedge maze, but she's been pretty morphically stable. Or you could go with Breezie for her, but we're colliding with AJ there.

I always regretted we didn't get an AppleYak.

I mean, per both a shitty live action Transformers movie, and a non-shitty Transformers/Pony crossover comic, ponies are candidates for becoming Battle/Target Masters.


Though all this talk of 'transformation' makes me fear we may get into weirdo kink territory or something, but that's mostly 'cause the featured box seems to get extra weird these days if you have the mature filter off.

Author Interviewer

Not really different forms.

Also, being used already!

Need to read more comics. :B

Power Ponies are accounted for! And yeah, I really am looking for bodily transformation if at all possible.

I know what I just said, but worse comes to worst, this would work for Rainbow from Luna Eclipsed or AJ from Scare Master, I suppose.

Got 'em both. :B

I had originally intended to use that, then decided it was too far off brand to really be worth it. Good callback though!

Bridal Gossip is another round of variants. :B

And that's not a transformation at all, she's always that way. :V

Wingless Dash maaaaybe, but probably not. :/ She's on a card in Discord's deck anyway.

Okay, now we're talking. :O I have got to get to these crossover comics someday!

I figured it might be a bit of a stretch but also good if you can't find anything else that works.

If you haven't yet read the manga, I wholeheartedly recommend it (all three volumes) to everyone. I thought it was a joy.

Author Interviewer

Yeah, I think I read the first volume and it was a joy. :D

If it's for a card game project, I suggest you try making a high level card of Nightmare Rarity, a form in the MLP Comic series of Rarity.
Because I think most people will not only just know this form more than her crystal one, but it's more badass and strong.

Though for a normal form, that's tricky, since I don't remember much of her changing appearances other than her fashion sense.

Ok, now you made me thought of waaaay more than I would have. I could only just imagine the possibilities of cards you can make with all the characters.

oh Luna I just got a horrible idea

have AJ just be AJ like exactly the same

or maybe the famous: "Eht's Twahloit Spaourkull's bowelooun!"

Does the end of the breezie episode count where RD is asking Twilight to turn her into various things (dragon I think) and Twilight keeps turning her down?

Alternative ideas for Twilight: magics herself into a music box ballerina and a pencil sketch in a book at various points.

Don't forget Rarity's brief 'Icarus' moment with the wings spell.

Rainbow Dash in a Daring Do costume? The Rainbow Dash with the metal wing in the apocalyptic alternative future? Shadowbolt Rainbow Dash?

Applejack tried to be a city pony in Manehattan before she got her cutie mark...but this might not be too exciting of a card. Special power: dinner etiquette :pinkiesmile:

Author Interviewer

She's a villain variant for Nightmare Moon. I had intended originally to use villainized ponies as hero variants as well, but eventually decided against it for some reason. :B

hilarious :D

Good ideas, but both are already used in her deck. XD

Got that one!

I think I'm doing Cutie Re-mark AU variants already. Shadowbolt Dash is appealing, but I think she's a better candidate for Breezie.

Comment posted by Dreams Echo The 1st deleted August 2nd

Quick question though, what kind of card game is it? Is it like M:TG, YGO, Pokémon, or somethin else?

Author Interviewer

It's called Sentinels of the Multiverse, which I don't normally mention outwardly simply because not enough people around here have heard of it. It's a fixed-deck cooperative superhero game where heroes have 'variant' character cards that change the way their deck plays. Usually.

Um, my comment just got deleted, which is weird since I don't recall of me saying anything upsetting other than about Nightmare Rarity. (Is she like Voldemort where you have to call her as "you-know-who" in this site or somethin)
Some kinda lag I guess?

Author Interviewer

That is very strange. :O I didn't do it.

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