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The Art of Change · 6:55pm August 1st

I should whine about shipping delays more often. I got another comic yesterday.

But we'll get to that later.

So let's talk about The Magic of Cybertron #3 while it sounds good.

Our first moral is that when the boss goes bad, it's important to get the memo out properly. Seriously, why did nobody tell Soundwave that Megatron is being mind-controlled and a truce has been called with the Autobots until the situation is resolved? It all worked out in this case, but a truce doesn't mean anything if the soldiers don't know about it.

Okay, maybe the moral is that friendship power is a renewable resource and you don't really need to steal it.

And I really do think that the second story better carries the moral that we are stronger together, with our disparate skills combined. The threat of King Sombra on Cybertron can only be properly addressed by combining Equestrian magic with Cybertronian technology; neither could do it alone.

Octy's right that dramatic theme music won't help, Vinyl; what you need is banging party music. You could totally break Pinkie Pie free by suitably appealing to her desire to party.

Why are Smolder and Gallus ignoring Silverstream in the argument about whether to go home? She said she wanted to help. She doesn't ever want to live in fear again, and she doesn't want to leave others to live in fear either.

My knowledge of Transformers comics is just sufficient to be reasonably confident that Ocellus thinking Ravage is an adorable kitty is intended as a reference to Shattered Glass. In other words, i c wut u did there lol.

It's pretty cool that Equestrian magic audio cables can just be plugged into acoustic instruments.

Let us never forget to call Gallus "Cat Butt Dawson." It's important.

Really, when Rarity says she knows "a bit" about magic, what she means is that out of all creatures currently on Cybertron and not in Sombra's army she's in the top three in terms of magical knowledge. I don't really know how she compares to Vinyl and Ocellus, but I can't think of anycreature else available who could be in the race.

You know, looking at the page where Ratchet plants the "mine," I think Knock Out is going to need his shoulder repainted after planting it already damaged his well-polished paint job. I'm sure that gets on his nerves.

I don't know why Ratchet expects Knock Out to act like he does; as I understand it, one might refer to Knock Out (in human terms) as a cosmetic surgeon, so I doubt he does much in the way of repairing spark-threatening injuries.

Raise your hand if you'd like to know more about the radiant shralls and their migrations across space.

Sadly, it seems they were invented specifically for this comic.

So I made sure to check the Transformers wiki to confirm the relationship between Knock Out and Breakdown; "partner" is a very context-dependent word. I suppose though that they didn't want to use "Conjunx Endura" in order to not confuse people like me who have no idea what a Conjunx is and didn't want to use any unambiguous human spouse term in order to not annoy people who know perfectly well that the same terms aren't used on Cybertron.

But, yes, the wiki says they're robot married.

Knock Out really is quite a sweetie under the right circumstances. Honestly, I'm touched by his appeal to Breakdown.

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My understanding is that doctors and healers are fairly rare among the Decepticons, so Knock Out probably does end up being given spark-threatening injuries to deal with.

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