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    Just finished watching the G5 movie.

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    Much better!

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    Jelly (Anthro)

    “I could’ve sworn we had dozens of grape jelly jars left in here!”

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    “Which back room? What situation?”

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    Flutterwings struggled to keep her head up as she sat on the sheet. Griff had carefully wrapped a quilt around her. 

    “I don’t think you should keep coming here…”

    “Why nooot? Hardly anyone else comes in here!”

    “That doesn’t matter if you’re getting hurt…I don’t want you endangering yourself to keep me entertained.”

    “Even if you don’t get to see anyone else…?”

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    My more recent Drawception games.

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One · 11:24pm July 31st

Bass ignored the unpleasant texture of the grass beneath him as he hung his head. How long had he been like this? He didn’t know, and honestly, he didn’t really care.

He shut his eyes tightly. For a moment, he could almost see himself, marching alone, his only company being the five other lifeless changelings stacked on top of him; Conductor, Melodic, Harmonic, Strings, and Wind…

After a few moments, he opened his eyes to gaze at the five graves in front of him once more, feeling that heavy lump in his throat beginning to form…

“It hasn’t gotten any easier without them, has it?”

Bass’ ears twitched upon hearing that familiar voice. He turned around to see a golden-eyed changeling walking up to him. “Captain Foresight,” he greeted the other changeling. “Aren’t you supposed to be running the course?”

Foresight chuckled slightly. “The course can wait. I’d rather take whatever Granite has to offer than leave you here alone. Besides, you honestly look like you need some company.”

“Mm… yeah,” Bass muttered, a lock of his deep blue mane falling over his face as he turned away.

The changeling captain sat down next to him, putting a foreleg around him. “It’s such a shame…” he said. “I always liked your music, especially when you all played it during the charges.”

“I remember those times like it was yesterday,” Bass replied.

“So do I.”

A moment of silence occurred between the two as they sat under the darkening evening sky.

“…You miss them a lot, don’t you?”

He swallowed. “…More than ever,” he responded.

“Yeah… I do, too,” Foresight admitted. “You made a really good team. You, your siblings, and Harmonic…”

“Harmonic…” Bass repeated the last name, trying to keep his voice from breaking. “I never got to tell her… how I—”


The aforementioned changeling jumped at the sudden voice calling from the entrance. “Granite, Sir!”

“I told you ten minutes ago to run the course!” Granite yelled, trotting over and firmly grasping the changeling in his aura. “Get out there and give me twenty five laps!”

“Sir, I was just—”

“Shut it.” He growled. “Or else I’ll make you do ten extra.”

“Yes sir…” Foresight gave Bass a sympathetic glance, before being forcefully dragged away by the angry squad leader.

A few moments passed as Bass heard the two changelings departing, then he turned back around at the gravestones, feeling his eyes starting to moisten. As he felt his stoic composure being to crumble, he pressed his head against one of the graves, the one that belonged to Conductor’s, and began to sob quietly.

He didn’t care if anyone was watching him at this moment, or who was watching him for that matter. He just kept his head low as his tears cascaded down his face and soaked into the earth beneath him. He stayed like this for what felt like hours until yet another voice spoke behind him.

“Hey, Bass? I’d hate to interrupt your privacy, but—”

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Bass muttered as he wiped his eyes and got up. It was getting late. He made his way back inside the hive, but not before taking one last glance at the graves behind him.

“Goodnight guys… I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Bass kept his word the very next day. He made his way outside while shielding his eyes from the brighter-than-usual sunlight. As soon he reached the spot, however, something immediately caught his eyes.

Sprouting out from the soil on Conductor’s grave was a single flower. A vibrant red flower at that.

What? Bass’ eyes widened as he went to appraise the sight. This wasn’t here yesterday… he thought as he carefully prodded at the flower’s petals. How did…

He stared for a moment longer, before eventually getting up and walking back inside. I’ll probably talk to Foresight about this, he decided.

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